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Founded in 2016, Timekettle is committed to the concept of “User Value First”, and to building a future AI translation hardware brand with leading technology and intuitive design by integrating artificial intelligence and hardware technology. Through unremitting efforts, Timekettle broke through a number of technical bottlenecks and acquired a series of international patents.
WT2 Plus is the world’s first translation system that implements the “1+2”interaction experience, consisting of two translator earphone and one App. WT2 Plus has won numerous international top design awards, such as 2018 iF Design, 2017 Taiwan Golden Pin Design, 2018 Shenzhen Global Design, 2019 CES Innovation Award, etc. Up until now, this innovation has reached Japan, USA, Italy and many other countries and regions, serving more than 200+ regions worldwide.

时空壶(Timekettle)创立于2016年,奉行“用户价值为先”的理念,一直致力于通过人工智能和硬件技术的结合,以领先技术及新颖设计,打造一个未来AI翻译设备品牌。经过不懈的努力,时空壶突破了多项技术瓶颈,获得了一系列国际专利,给用户和企业带来全新的跨语言交流体验。时空壶目前已成功研发出全球首款实现“1+2”功能的实时翻译系统 - WT2 ,由2个翻译耳机和1个App组成。WT2发布之初已获得多项国际顶级设计大奖,如2018 iF设计大奖、 2017台湾金点设计奖、首届深圳环球设计大奖金奖等。至今,WT2已销日本、美国、意大利等多个国家,服务全球超过230多个地区用户。



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