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About Fiji
Located in the heart of the South Pacific, the Republic of Fiji is composed of 333 beautiful islands, of which Viti Levu and Vanua Levu are the two largest islands, with airports at Suva and Nadi. Both are located in Viti Levu Island. Fiji enjoys a mild climate throughout the year, the beautiful natural scenery, the friendly and hospitable Fijian attracting honeymooners, family, backpackers and business travelers. In Fiji, visitors can experience different kinds of water sports, golfing experiences, adventure tours, cultural tours and more.
As an agency of the Fijian government, Tourism Fiji is dedicated to promoting Fiji, to the global market. Currently, it has offices in Nadi, Sydney, Auckland, Los Angeles, London, Seoul, Mumbai and other cities. The Shanghai office has officially established in 2018.

斐济共和国位于南太平洋的心脏地带,由333个美丽岛屿组成,其中维提岛 (Viti Levu) 和瓦努来雾岛 (Vanua Levu)是最大的两大岛屿,其首都苏瓦以及楠迪国际机场均位于维提岛。斐济全年气候温和,美不胜收的自然风景及热情好客的斐济人民吸引着全球的蜜月游客、家庭游客、背包旅行者以及商务游客。在斐济,游客可体验丰富多彩的水上运动、高尔夫体验、探险之旅、文化之旅等。


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