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Travel Weekly China

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Travel Weekly China has been ranked as China’s leading travel industry B2B information brand since 2001, always focusing on the hottest & fastest-growing tourism market in the world—China.
As an important brand of Northstar Travel Group, the Travel Weekly China together with Travel Weekly Asia in Asia region, and Travel Weekly in US, combines into the Travel Weekly Network.

With strong support from the international network, professional team of Travel Weekly China has been improving the quality of content and audience database. Travel Weekly China is committed to provide the high-quality print magazines, responsive website, mobile-friendly eNewsletter as well as the wechat etc., offering a fully-integrated content and marketing solutions for China’s travel trade.

Monthly magazine, 11 issues each year,
Circulation: 12,200
E-database: 38,500

"Travel Weekly China旅讯——中国旅游行业领先B2B媒体品牌及信息与营销解决方案提供商。 2001年创刊,始终以全球视角关注发展最快且最吸引目光的市场——中国。
作为Northstar旅游集团在中国区的重要品牌,与亚洲版Travel Weekly Asia,美国版Travel Weekly共同组成Travel Weekly Network媒体品牌

凭借强大的国际集团背景及自身的专业团队,Travel Weekly China旅讯 不断致力于提升内容品质、建设读者数据库。通过独家视角的优质内容及有效的多平台营销解决方案,将更好地服务中国旅游业界。




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