Treasure Bay Bintan

Treasure Bay Bintan

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Treasure Bay is a 338-hectare waterfront resort city located on the Indonesian island of Bintan. The destination resort integrates wellness, leisure, cultural, residential and commercial concepts. The 20-year master plan will be developed in three phases and will offer many first-in-Asia concepts to create new travel and leisure experiences for visitors, and amazing investment opportunities for investors.

Parts of Phase one development were launched officially in September 2015 includes the 40 tent Canopi resort, The Patio Bar and Restaurant and Chill Cove, an entertainment-centric mixed development featuring international and boutique hotel brands, bars and restaurants that surround the 6.3-hectare Crystal Lagoon – the largest man made salt water lagoon in South East Asia. And Canopi Resort, that offers guests the best of camping in nature and the luxury of a hotel room to provide guests with the ultimate glamping experience

Crystal Lagoon
The 6.3 hectare Crystal Lagoon in Treasure Bay Bintan is South East Asia's first and largest recreational sea-water body that has undergone a process to make the sea-water "crystal clear". The lagoon offers a wide range of recreational and interactive water activities suitable for the whole family such as swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing.

Chill Cove
Spanning over 90 hectares, Chill Cove offers a variety of unique leisure, wellness, adventure and dining concepts. Visitors can expect a host of restaurants serving local and international cuisines, a wide range of recreational and interactive water activities suitable for the whole family, and bars to enjoy Bintan’s pulsating nightlife.

The Canopi Resort combines the best of camping in nature and the luxury of a hotel room to provide guests with the ultimate glamping experience at Treasure Bay Bintan. Each tent features more than 400 square feet of spacious accommodation that can sleep up to 4 per rom. The tents come with the modern day spoils of air-conditioning and other comforts such as BBQ pits, Sisal Carpets, Wi-Fi and a private garden where you where you can lie in a hammock, enjoy a campfire and star gaze the night away.
Officially opened in September 2015, The Canopi has been recognised internationally for its uniqueness and listed as one of the Top 100 Best Glamping Experiences in the world by UK based online travel portal, Top 5 Gorgeous Destinations in Asia for a girls-only adventure and named by Yahoo! Travel Inspirations, Top 10 Aamazing Luxury Camping Sites Around the World by Shape Magazine, AsiaOne and Home & Decor Singapore in 2016.

Customised meetings and facilities
The Canopi resort is a magnificent venue that offers a versatile environment to host memorable events. Be it a seminars, product launch, a corporate retreat or a wedding, The Canopi offers customised themes and activities in the abundance of outdoor space. Consider eco-meeting concepts which include BBQ Dinners, Campfires, Firefly Watching, Mangrove River Tours or other Sustainability Themes.

宝湾是一个占地338公顷的海滨度假城市,位于印尼的民丹岛。该度假村融合了健康,休闲,文化,住宅和商业概念。20年的总体发展规划将分为三个阶段,将展现许多亚洲第一的概念,为游客创造新的旅游和休闲体验,并且为投资者提供惊人的投资机会。部分一期开发已于2015年9月正式推出,包括40顶帐篷的帐篷度假村、露台酒吧和餐厅以及冷湾,一个集特色国际和精品酒店、酒吧和餐厅的娱乐中心,环绕6.3公顷的水晶泻湖(是东南亚最大的人工咸水泻湖)。帐篷度假村为客人提供最好的自然露营地和豪华的酒店客房,为客人提供极致豪华露营体验。水晶泻湖宝湾民丹岛的6.3公顷的水晶泻湖是东南亚第一大休闲海水体,经历了一个让海水变得“晶莹剔透”的过程。泻湖有,如游泳,皮划艇,帆船和桨登机。冷湾跨越90公顷的冷湾提供了各种独特的休闲,健康,冒险和餐饮概念。游客可以在这里的餐厅期待各种当地和国际美食,也可以体验广泛的适合全家人的娱乐和水上互动活动,在酒吧享受民丹动感的夜生活。帐篷度假村结合最好的自然露营地和豪华的酒店房间,为客人提供极致豪华露营体验。每个帐篷都有超过400平方英尺宽敞的住宿空间,每间房可以容纳4个人。帐篷里配备现代的空调和其他舒适设施,如烧烤炉、剑麻地毯、无线网络、以及私人花园,在这儿您可以躺在吊床上,享受篝火和夜晚的星空。帐篷度假村于2015年9月正式开业,已因其独特性获得国际认可,被英国的在线旅行门户网站www.familybreakfinder.com列为全球前100佳豪华露营经验,被雅虎!旅行的灵感列为适合女孩去冒险的亚洲前5最美胜地,2016年被Shape Magazine、Asia One 和新加坡家居装饰列为前10大美丽豪华露营地。定制会议和设施帐篷度假村场地宽广,能为不同的环境举办令人难忘的活动。比如研讨会,产品发布会,公司专用会所或者婚礼,帐篷度假村能在宽敞的户外场地为您提供私人订制的主题与活动。或者来看看生态会议概念,包括烧烤晚餐、篝火、看萤火虫、红树林河旅游或其他可持续发展的主题。


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