Turismo de Galicia

Turismo de Galicia

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"Situated in the northwestern part of Spain, bordering Portugal is Galicia, a green landscape tinged with grey.

Galicia’s wild coastline, battered by the Atlantic, is frayed with picturesque mountains like the Sierra de Capelada.
Come discover the best beaches of Islas Cies and A Coruña.

Galicia boasts of an ancient culture with Celtic origins.

There can be few cities in the world as beautiful as Santiago de Compostela with undisputed splendor of its monuments and medieval streets. It is for these reasons that it was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage City.

The pilgrim’s route Camino de Santiago or Way of Saint James brings tourists from all over the world.

The reasons could be many, for some it’s spiritual, for others love for adventure. Whatever the reason is, Saint James Way offers an original and different way of seeing northern Spain, culminating with a visit to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where the Apostle’s body is buried.

Galicia offers impeccable hospitality and plays the perfect host for MICE. Some of its luxurious properties are geared to pamper your senses while providing world class facilities.

That’s not all, Galicia has extensive offer of nautical and adventure tourism.

Gastronomy in Galicia is seafood – and may well be the best you have ever tasted! Adventurous eaters will dive into pulpo a la gallega, the region’s signature dish of octopus.

Galicia produces some fine wines, too. Rías Baixas, Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra, Monterrei and Valdeorras are considered as the best wines from the region.

There’s an undiscovered paradise waiting for you, let Turismo de Galicia, the official tourism body unfold this region for you"


Carretera Santiago Noia, km 3
15897 Santiago de Compostela





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