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Turkey has always been an attractive tourism destination through posessing rich culture, long history and beautiful nature and climate.As a bridge between Asia and Europe, Turkey has rich historical treasures, major archeological sites, beautiful scenic and natural resources and dynamic fusion of Asian , European and The Mediterranean cultures. Being located on special geographical and mysterious land, Turkey has a great historical heritage from the world’s 13 successful and greatest civilizations dating back to 10,000 years. These civilizations all left their glorious past on our land and made Turkey an open air museum. One civilization replaced another, the old one combined with the new one, east met with west… It seems that Turkey is covered by mysterious veils of history…That’s why Turkey has become a favourite destination for tourists from all the world. Here, she has the break line of Asia and Europe, she has the beautiful and romantic Aegean and the Mediterranean seacoast, she has the 1/3 of the world cuisine along with the Turkish Coffee which was introduced by Turks to Europe, she has the cradle of different faiths, Islam Judaism and Christianity. She has the world famous Turkish Bath, and also amazing Turkish belly dancing ready to entertain you in an enchanting atmosphere…Last but not least, she owns numerous tourism activities varying from golfing, meedings and incentives, possibilities and honey moon tour, hiking, rafting, wintersports, hot mineral springs, traditional boat sailing and cruising, horseback riding, and mountaineeing which can be done all year long.With our mission to promote the Turkish image through long history, rich culture and unspoiled nature and her hospitable people, we welcome all Chinese people into Turkey to experience and explore all these pleasures by themselves….Please share your ideas with us and don’t hesitate to contact us, we and two official local governments nine professional Turkish travel agencies will attend ITB CHINA and offer professional travel suggestions for your trip!

土耳其是一个充满魅力的旅游目的地国家。她拥有富饶的文化,悠久的历史,迷人的自然景观以及宜人的气候。 土耳其作为亚洲与欧洲的桥梁,她拥有悠久的历史宝藏,以及考古学遗址;优美的自然景观资源;融合了欧洲、亚洲以及地中海的多地域文化.由于地处特殊的地理环境在这片神奇的土地上,13种文明都曾经留下了他们辉煌的成就,其历史亦可追溯到一万年前。这些文化的真迹使得土耳其成为了一座露天博物馆。就这样,一种文化替代了另一种,旧的与新的悄然的融合了,东方与西方在这里相遇........ 这就是为什么土耳其每年吸引着成千上万的游客造访。这里有世界上唯一的欧亚分界线,这里有浪漫美丽的爱琴海,这里有由土耳其人带入欧洲的咖啡,这里是许多人类信仰的诸如伊斯兰教,犹太教,基督教的发祥地,这里有世界闻名的土耳其浴其这里还有美丽的肚皮舞把您带入心醉的风情....  不仅如此,这里还有各种诸如高尔夫球,会奖旅游,蜜月旅游,登山,传统划艇,冬季运动,温泉浴,海上观光以及骑马等各式在同一年都可以享受到的运动。 土耳其大使馆文化新闻处将继续以宣传和推广土耳其旅游资源为目标,同时,土耳其悠久的历史,富饶的文化底蕴,毫无破坏的自然景观以及热情好客的人民一起期盼您感受、探索土耳其。 请与我们分享您的创意,2017ITB CHINA我们将协同两家土耳其当地旅游部门九家专业地接公司为您的土耳其之行提供更多建议。我们的网址:www:gototurkey.cn我们的电邮: wen@gototurkey.cn


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