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UNITOP Global Travel is a leading global company focused on offering customized business and luxury leisure travel management. UNITOP is dedicated to helping companies optimize their business travel programs and MICE and in providing assistance to business travelers with best-in-class service. We help our leisure travelers to have a great vacation with well-chosen boutique hotels, the unhotels and selective food all over the world.Services1.Business car rental service - help your business trips be smooth, easy and simple with bilingual drivers.2. MICE-We could assist you with all your need for a retreatment or a big conference anywhere.3. Global Luxury Travel-According to your demands, we will have professional travel assistant to plan your trips.4. Cruise tour-choose the best route for your familyfriendsclients.5. Hotel booking-help you select the hotels you are preferred with our ten-year experiences. We work closely with Starwood, IHG, Banyan tree, Shangri-La, Four Seasons ect. with their full support. We also appreciate the hotels selected by SLH and Relais&Chateaux.6. Flight ticket booking-we will assist you how to choose the airline, seats, cancel policies which will smooth our trip with efficiency.7.Visa Application-we assist all our clients to apply for different countries' visas.Usecar Car Rental Company is a subsidiary company of Unitop based in Shanghai, China. Established in 1999 in China, Usecar is committed to always and consistently providing high-quality car rental services with chauffeur services for your business travel. Our clients can not only book the service through our website (www.usecar.com.cn), but also 24/7/365 call answering service. You might prefer to directly call us to get more details and information. It’s not unusual to see that our clients regard Usecar Company as an honest and reliable business partner – and we couldn’t be happier about it. Get to know us and you’ll see: we are so much better than we drive.

UNITOP Global Travel是一家领先的全球性公司,专注于提供定制的商务和豪华休闲旅游服务。 UNITOP致力于帮助公司优化他们的商务旅行计划和会议、奖励旅行及展览活动等,并为商务旅行者提供一流的服务。我们帮助客户制定属于他们的完美假期,用我们在旅行行业二十年的经验及近乎苛求的标准为客户选择适合他们的酒店和世界各地的美食。我们的服务1. 商务汽车租赁服务 – 协助您的商务出行更加轻松、容易和简单,并且我们提供经过严格培训的双语司机。2.MICE - 我们可以在全球范围内协助您举行会议、奖励旅行及展览活动等。3.全球精品旅行 - 根据您的要求,我们将有专业的旅行助理为您制定旅行计划。4.邮轮旅游 - 选择最适合您的家人朋友客户的邮轮及线路。5.酒店预订 — 用近乎苛求的标准帮助您选择最佳酒店。我们与喜达屋,IHG,悦榕庄集团,香格里拉,四季酒店密切合作,得到他们的全力支持。6.机票预订 - 我们将协助您选择航空公司、机型、座位、取消政策等,这将使我们的行程更加高效舒适。7.签证申请 — 我们将协助我们的客户申请不同国家的签证。Usecar租车公司是Unitop的子公司,位于中国上海。Usecar租车公司成立于1999年,在中国,使终致力于为您的商务旅行提供高品质的汽车租赁服务和司机服务。我们的客户不仅可以通过我们的网站(www.usecar.com.cn)预订服务,还可以通过24小时服务热线电话预定。您可以致电我们以获取更多详细信息和信息。优卡始终关注商务客户出行的真正需求之所在,于“安全、专业、贴心”等方面竭尽所能,执着于为客户提供专业化的用车服务,始终秉承“近乎苛求,与众不同”的服务理念,赢得众多世界级商务客户的信赖,并在业内取得了不俗的口碑!


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