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In 2016, Vienna Hotels Group entered a new development stage. To adapt to the powerful combination trend in hotel industry around the world, Vienna reached a strategic cooperation with Jin Jiang International for complementary advantages. After cooperation, Jin Jiang International is not only the largest hotel group in China, but also the fifth largest in the world. Vienna Hotels Group will stand on the shoulders of a giant and compete with global rivals on the same stage and realize Chinese hotel brand global layout step by step.

Vienna Hotels Group was founded in 1993. As the first brand of China’s Mid-range business hotel chain, Vienna adheres to user-centered values of "deep sleep and better health". It is committed to provide healthy and comforting products with high added value and good sleeping experience. It created six brand-value system of “comfort and elegance, top food, luxurious quality, safety and environmental protection, music and art, healthy assistance to sleep” . It ranks at a global leading position in hotel industry management mode, talent echelon, brand cultivation, development and expansion, capital management and other aspects.

At present, Vienna Hotels Group boasts 10 sub-brands, more than 1000 branches (in business and under construction) in over 100 large and medium cities nationwide, more than 150 thousand guest rooms with a comprehensive occupancy rate of 100% above,united Jin Jiang International,more than 1.6 billion registered members. It created a 25-year zero accident record, and now grows at a speed of more than 500 branches a year. It has completed the strategic layout of one thousand of hotels in one hundred cities.




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