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Vienna Tourist Board

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Vienna Tourist Board – Your Partner in Vienna
The Vienna Tourist Board is the city’s official destination marketing agency for the tourism industry. The Vienna Tourist Board’s market management is the primary point of contact for tour organizers and travel agencies. We facilitate contact with Vienna’s hotels, incoming agencies, museums, restaurants and many other service providers, and deliver detailed and objective reporting on Vienna’s tourism offerings. We are your contact party for joint advertising campaigns and study groups, and a resource for promotional materials about Vienna.

Vienna 2017: In the rhythm of Vienna
The Viennese attitude towards life is unique. It arises out of the rhythm to which the city and its people move. The focus in 2017 is on the city's musical and imperial heritage with anniversaries ranging from the Blue Danube Waltz to Archduchess Maria Theresia and in the field of tension that covers the pulsating Vienna of today.

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Links: – Vienna Photo Database for designing your promotional materials

维也纳旅游局-您在维也纳的好伴侣维也纳旅游局是该市旅游业官方营销机构。维也纳旅游局的市场管理是旅游组织者和旅行社的首要联系人。我们促进与维也纳的酒店、代理、博物馆、餐厅和许多其他服务提供商的联系,并,对维也纳的旅游产品提供详细和客观的报告。我们是您的广告活动和游学团体的联络方,也是提供有关维也纳的宣传资料。Vienna 2017: In the rhythm of Vienna维也纳2017:维也纳的节奏维也纳人的人生态度是独一无二的。它产生于城市和人民的移动节奏。2017年的重点是城市的音乐和帝国遗产,其中有各种周年庆,从蓝色多瑙河到皇女玛丽娅·特蕾莎,自己今天维也纳跳动的张力。为旅行社提供的特殊服务: 维也纳国际专家俱乐部(利用我们的独家服务,成为维也纳专家。您能...• 更好的了解维也纳• 能更好的推广维也纳• 更好地满足客户的要求• 可以参加我们的莱佛士• 定期收到维也纳最新信息另外,维也纳国际俱乐部的会员是免费的!登记和更多信息请访问 www.viennaexpertsclub.at链接 – 宣传资料维也纳图片库


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