Visit Estonia

Visit Estonia

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Visit Estonia is the brand of the Estonian Tourist Board, who is responsible for implementing Estonian national tourism policy.

Main Activities

• Marketing Estonia as a tourism destination

• Coordination of tourism development programs

• Coordination of tourism research and analysis

• Business consulting in tourism research, marketing, product development and training

• Development and coordination of Estonian tourism information system (

• Development of international cooperation

Good to know about Estonia

•The Republic of Estonia will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2018

• Estonia is a member of the European Union, Schengen area and NATO

•Tallinn has been named the number one best value destination in the world to visit in 2018 in Lonely Planet's Best in Travel

A clean environment. Both urban and rural.

Forests cover half of our territory and 22% of it is wildlife preserves. We like our home to be clean – one of the best air qualities in the world make Estonia a great place to visit or live.

• 4th best urban air quality in the world (according to WHO)

• 25% of the country certified organic

• Clean water to drink and to swim in

• Ranked 2nd in Europe for the number of bird species sighted

• The 26 km ice road that connects Estonia’s mainland to the island of Hiiumaa is the longest in Europe

We are a digital society.

People in Estonia can benefit from the most advanced digital society in the world. Simply put, less hassle means time well spent. Now, people outside of Estonia are offered a variety of state services through world’s first transnational digital identity – e-residency.

• 5 days saved each year by signing documents digitally

• 3 minutes to file taxes

• 3 hours to start a company

• 15,000+ e-residents

Come and meet us to know more about Estonia!

Visit Estonia 是爱沙尼亚旅游局的官方标识,爱沙尼亚旅游局负责履行爱沙尼亚国家旅游政策及推广活动。


• 将爱沙尼亚定位为主要旅游目的地

• 协调爱沙尼亚旅游发展项目

• 研究分析爱沙尼亚旅游数据

• 提供爱沙尼亚旅游研究,市场营销,产品开发和培训方面的商业资讯

• 开发并协调爱沙尼亚旅游信息系统及网站


• 发展国际性合作项目


• 爱沙尼亚共和王国将于2018年庆祝其独立100周年

• 爱沙尼亚是欧盟,申根和北约成员国之一

• 塔林被《孤独星球》评为2018世界最佳旅游目的地



• 世界第四最佳城市空气质量(世界卫生组织数据提供)

• 爱沙尼亚25%的国土面积拥有有机认证

• 爱沙尼亚纯净的水源不但可以饮用,也适合游泳。

• 爱沙尼亚鸟类种类数量排名欧洲第二。

• 连接爱沙尼亚大陆和希乌马岛的冰路长达26公里,是欧洲最长的冰路



• 通过电子签名,每年可以节省下的时间大约为5天

• 在爱沙尼亚报税只需要3分钟

• 在爱沙尼亚成立一家公司只需要3小时

• 爱沙尼亚拥有超过15,000名电子居民



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