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Turismo de PortugalIntegrated within the Ministry of the Economy, Turismo de Portugal is the national tourism and central public authority responsible for promotion, enhancement and sustainability of tourism activities, aggregating within a single entity all the institutional competencies related to stimulation of tourism activities, from the supply sector to demand.Using its privileged relationship with other public bodies and economic agents in Portugal and abroad, Turismo de Portugal is dedicated to fulfilling its objective of strengthening tourism as one of the core growth engines of the Portuguese economy.

葡萄牙旅游局葡萄牙旅游局是葡萄牙经济、改革和发展部下属机构。作为国 家旅游局,葡萄牙旅游局担负着推广、改善和扶持旅游产业的 责任。主要工作包括:改善和发展旅游设施;完善人员培训;支持旅游产业投资;协调葡萄牙国内外的旅游推广活动。葡萄牙旅游局将凭借与葡萄牙国内外政经机构的良好关系,推动旅游产业的发展,努力使之成为葡萄牙经济发展的核心动力。


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