Visit West Coast Finland, Satakunta Region

Visit West Coast Finland, Satakunta Region

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Explore Satakunta region in sunny West Coast Finland!

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Korsuretket - "Forest Village", town of Jämijärvi.
When you step on the right path, you can find unusual experiences, surprising entertainment, delicious food and cosy saunas – in the middle of silence! Food Services: Our goal is to complete a wonderful experience in Korsukylä with tasty food! We source the ingredients from local producers and make use of the berries, mushrooms and game that can be found in the surrounding forests, so the food is very local. Experiences: Canoes, SUP boards, competitions, wilderness skills, trekking, nature excursions, pampering, green care activities and many more!

Ali-Ketola farm, town of Kokemäki.

Our farm is located in Ketola village, by river Kokemäenjoki. Nature is very important to us, as well as respecting and fostering the farm´s long-standing traditions. In addition to agriculture, we have provided tourism services for 20 years, with authentic rural and natural experiences. To develop long-lasting relationships with customers, we provide accommodation, catering and other tourism services in an individual-centered way, with best possible quality. You can relax by fishing, hiking or canoeing in the beautiful river landscape and enjoy our delicious cuisine and relaxing smoke sauna. We offer accommodation with breakfast, fireplace & sauna, canoeing for groups, nature & bird-watching trips, school camps, nature trail & campfires, excellent fishing opportunities.

Holiday village Sieravuori, town of Eura

Sieravuori is a holiday village with cabins, cottages, holiday houses, watersports center and restaurant with plenty of local food selection, around an old farmhouse. Sieravuori is located in Honkilahti village by Lake Pyhajärvi, 2-hours from Helsinki and 1 hour from Turku and Tampere airports, but in a very rural environment. Visitors can experience wildlife, fishing and watersports. Sieravuori is known of it´s beautiful landscape, sandy beach and weekly themes of sport and cultural events. You can go stand-up paddling, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, horse back riding or just wonder around the beautiful landscape on a 10 km long trail around the village. The area itself is 90 hectares of land encompassing plenty of outdoor activities and fresh air.

Visit Pori Ltd. – Event and tourist information office.

Yyteri Spa Hotel, city Pori,

Welcome to the most beautiful beach in the Nordic countries! Yyteri Hotel & Spa is located in unique setting at the very heart of Yyteri, near the city of Pori. If you are looking for a place for your family, vacation, a conference or a celebration location you will find in Yyteri Hotel & Spa everything you need - and even more. We firmly believe that our diverse services, unique service and the surrounding, astonishingly beautiful nature will make you fall in love with Yyteri! Hotel has 113 rooms, including 3 suites. Some rooms offer a lovely view on the sea, the beach and the dunes. In our yard you find also Yyteri Villas, which we rent for a week at a time.

Ahlström Works, Noormarkku village (Pori) & Kauttua village (Eura)

Ahlström Capital’s two historical works, the Noormarkku and Kauttua works in the Satakunta region, serve guests with first-class restaurant, meeting and accommodation services. The works are significant tourist attractions in the Satakunta region. A. Ahlström Real Estate Ltd (A.Ahlström Kiinteistöt Oy) was also awarded the Industrial Heritage Award in November 2015 for it’s sawmill museum and Voyage exhibition that covers the Noormarkku works’ fascinating history of nearly 160 years.


高苏雷格特 林中村落 雅米雅利



阿里·肯妥拉农场 芬兰式农家乐 科凯迈基



斯亚拉沃里是集木屋,村舍、度假房、水上运动中心和餐饮的休闲娱乐度假村。斯亚拉沃里位于圣湖湖畔,旅客可以垂钓、水上运动和感受自然风光。Sieravuori 以风景优美、沙滩海岸和每周的运动和文化主题活动著称。你可以在这里单人划船、风帆冲浪、航海、垂钓、骑马,或者沿着度假村10公里的小径漫步。度假地90公顷,拥有天然氧吧和丰富多彩的户外活动。洪基湖湾村离赫尔辛基仅2小时,离图尔库和坦佩雷机场仅1小时,交通方便,为旅客提供别样的乡村风情。


Ahlström 项目,波里市:诺马库村和埃乌拉镇:高图村

Ahlström 公司的两处历史遗迹项目,诺马库和高图位于萨塔昆塔地区,为游客提供一流的餐厅,会议和住宿服务。经过系统的、精心的维修与翻新工作后,成为了该地区最具吸引力的旅游胜地。

Ahlström Kiinteistöt Oy 是个非常有名的房地产公司,擅长对古老建筑和历史遗迹场所进行维护、翻修与保养工作。通过重现诺马库近160年的辉煌历史的锯木厂博物馆和航行展,Ahlström公司获得了2015年11月工业遗迹奖。


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