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Destinations Africa is a global booking platform that aggregates the most exciting African holidays all under one roof- from Safaris and Beach Getaways, to Spa outings, Adventure, Spiritual renewals and much more. It was borne out of a quest to promote the true essence of Africa to the world and provide a seamless, enjoyable and tailored “African’ travel experience to in-bound Africa travellers.
Destinations Africa is powered by Wakanow, an online travel company that handles thousands of happy holidays all over the world with physical presence in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, UAE and the UK. Founded in 2008, Wakanow leverages its extensive network of strategic partnerships with Tourism Boards, Airlines, Hotels, Local Tour Operators, and Mobile Network Providers to provide a wide range of products that include Holiday packages, Hotel/flight booking, Customised Travel packages, Visa procurements, a Wakanow international pre-prepaid card, a loyalty solution and an international Travel SIM card.
Log on to Destinations Africa at www.DestinationsAfrica.com.
Destinations Africa platform prides itself on offering the most comprehensive and inclusive range of products that cut across all geographical regions in Africa, all tourism interests and different budget levels. We work with B2B customers - that is travel agents, tour operators, meetings and conference organisers to provide sellable African travel products for you to promote to your customers. Our products include, but are not limited to:
Cultural Tours
Safari Holidays & Wildlife Adventure
Beach Holidays & Island Tourism
Romantic Getaways & Honeymoons
Wellness & Retreats
Heritage Tourism
Special Interest Tours (such as Birding, Festivals, Religious, etc)
We would love to enter collaborative arrangements with reputable outbound travel companies with an interest in selling carefully curated and authentic African products to their customers. We have a dedicated and enthusiastic team of ethnic Chinese staff.

Destinations Africa是一个集狩猎游览、海滨度假、Spa度假、探险、灵修之旅等精彩非洲度假项目为一体的国际预订平台。Destinations Africa创建的初衷是向全世界推广非洲之美的精髓,以及为入境非洲的游客提供无缝、愉快和定制化的非洲旅行体验。
Destinations Africa是Wakanow推出的一个旅行定制平台。Wakanow是一家在线旅游公司,为全球数以千计的客户提供了旅游度假服务,让他们在尼日利亚、加纳、肯尼亚、阿联酋和英国度过了快乐的假期。Wakanow成立于2008年,已与旅游局、航空公司、酒店、当地包价旅游承办商和移动网络供应商建立庞大的战略伙伴关系网,并凭此提供各类产品,如度假套餐、酒店/航班预订、定制化旅行套餐、签证办理、Wakanow国际预付卡、忠诚度提升解决方案,以及国际旅行SIM卡。
Destinations Africa平台提供的产品品类齐全,覆盖非洲各个地理区域,涵盖各类旅游资源,并能满足各级预算标准,堪称是最具包容性的平台。Destinations Africa平台与B2B客户合作,如旅行社、包价旅游承办商、会议主办方,提供畅销的非洲旅行产品,进而达到客户推广的效果。我们的产品包括但不限于:
文化之旅 , 狩猎度假&野外探险, 海滨度假&海岛游, 健康&疗养, 遗产旅游, 特种旅游(如观鸟、节日游、宗教之旅等)


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