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Wehotel, jointly financed by Jinjiang Capital, Jin Jiang Hotels and Jinjiang Stock as well as Shanghai Lianyin Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Tibet Hony Capital and Guosheng Investment, was established in February 2017 with a co-injection of RMB1 billion. In June 2017, it became Shanghai's first batch of pilot enterprises initiating employee stock ownership system among diversified-owned (public capital and non-public capital) enterprises.
Since its establishment, WeHotel has been rooted in China and face the world with huge industrial resources and strong capital of its shareholders. With the goal of connecting the warm and in-depth travel experience and driven by Internet + industry, the company provides users with one-stop mobile Internet booking system via mobile clients, WeChat and smart customer service. It offers more than 100 million members with a whole-process travel service system in reservations, holiday travel, online services and financial payment in 8,000 high-quality hotels of about 30 brands worldwide. In addition, it also provided an enabling and support system for the management and business of the brand hotels. WeHotel will accelerate the seamless integration of consumer demands, high-tech application and hotel innovation and realize win-win results among multiple parties. Meanwhile, it will continue to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading to build a global internet sharing platform of hotels.



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