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1.company profileChuguoqu.com is an online travel servicer. Founded in 2011, chuguoqu.com is one of the first and leading servers and in the area of free traveling around the world, devoting to offer the best products and servers. Chuguoqu offers products spreading many popular tourist destinations, such as scenic tickets, transportation cards, one-day tours, local food, entertainment products, and etc. Chuguoqu plans to transfer the traditional ordinary travel trip into a new world of free walker.2.Distribution NetworkOur distribution network includes travel club stores, online distributors and other industries. Travel club stores has achieved diversification and improved profitability, and online distributors provide professional operating guidance for helping small and medium business to achieve transformation, what’s more, we have developed tourism related APP to provide products and technical support.3. Our Product 1) we have massive inventory to guaranteed ticket sourceWe have integrated of 2000 overseas partners: our products cover 20 countries and regions, and the product sku of overseas free travel is more than 20,000. Straight purchase ratio is more than 70%, and e-ticket confirmation rate is more than 96%, and the rate of customers can get their tickets timely is greater than 90%.2) Just sit and enjoy it Electronic transaction, fast ticketing, problem tracing, warehouse assembly line and support brand name hiding service, all of those make it easy to get your tickets.3) Security capital and Flexibility settlement Easy to check a variety of financial statements and support prepaid, deposit, credit and other settlement methods.4) Professional training and After-sale guaranteeWe offer good sales consultancy service, quick response for after-sale, clear responsibility for priority claims, and pre-sale and after-sale free training.5) All-round large data guidanceOur system has achieved dynamic price which changes with exchange radio, real-time grasps the procurement and sales market, sets inventory warning, all of those effectively improve the inventory turnover efficiency and operational analysis and make it easy to know well real-time information of orders and hot-products.

1.公司简介公司成立于2011年,是全国领先的跨境自由行运营服务商,旨在为全球旅行者提供最优质的跨境自由行产品和服务。旗下品牌--出国去旅行网(chuguoqu.com)是中国首个跨境自由行服务预定平台。出国去的产品覆盖全球热门旅游目的地国家及地区,包含景点门票、交通接送、一日游、餐饮美食、境外通信、娱乐等品类,让境外旅行者改变“走马观花”的传统旅游方式,开启全新目的地新玩法。2.公司历史2011公司成立2013获得首轮天使融资聚焦境外旅游市场2014“出国去旅行网”上线,成为中国首个跨境自由行服务预订平台之一2015“出国去旅行”APP上线,3个月内达到上千万下载量;天猫直营店年销售额破亿,年服务人次过百万;获得“10大海外目的地产品预订平台”称号;阿里优秀合作伙伴;2016“博游B2B分销平台”上线;上线半年时间,月销售额已破千万。3.我们的客户1) 旅游社门店实现多样化经营;提高盈利能力2) 网店分销商帮助中小商家转型;提供专业运营指导3) 其他异业合作伙伴 以旅游相关APP为主,提供产品与技术支持4.产品与服务1)海量库存,保证票源整合境外2000家合作伙伴,覆盖20个国家地区,境外自由行产品sku超过20000个,直采比例超过70%,电子票及时确认率大于96%,即时出票率大于90%。2)交易全程电子化通过自主研发的供应链系统,可实现快速出票、仓库流水线发货、支持品牌埋名服务3)资金安全 结算灵活通过博游分销平台可轻松查询各种财务报表支持预付、定金、授信等多种结算方式4)专业培训 无忧售后提供金牌销售顾问服务,提供产品咨询和运营辅导专业售后团队,及时响应,责任明确优先理赔针对优质客户,定期进行客服免费培训5)全方位大数据指导行业价格动态分析,实时掌握采购和销售行情采购数据分析,实时了解订单、爆款情况库存预警,有效提高库存周转效率



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