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Yangtze River Airlines Co., Ltd (Yangtze River). was founded in 2002 with a registered capital of RMB 5.025 billion. Subordinated to HNA Group, it is an airline mainly based in Shanghai. Till March 2017, Yangtze River operates 22 airplanes in total, has opened more than 50 domestic and international passenger and cargo air routes, completed airline network, which can radiate the inland, connect directly to Europe and America, and provide global coverage. Ever since its debut aviation in January 2003, the company has always stuck to its operation principle of "Safety First", accumulating more than 350,000 safe flight hours and maintaining the excellent safe operation record. Yangtze River was founded and grew up on the bank of the Huangpu River, it not only preserves the elegance and delicacy of Wuyue culture, but also absorbs modern and fashion of cosmopolis, and has formed an excellent corporate culture of global vision and openness. Yangtze River is fully committed to breaking limits of traditional civil aviation. Besides the high-quality service, we have been chasing for corporation with partners in the field of entertainment, fashion, LOHAS and so on. With an open mind to our resource, we devote ourselves to building rich but distinctive feature in the cabin, presenting a picture of reinvented and updating flying experience.

扬子江航空股份有限公司 成立于2002年,注册资本50.25亿人民币,是海航旗下一家以上海为主运营基地的航空公司。截止2017年3月,扬子江航空共运营飞机22架,开通国际国内航线50余条,建成辐射内地,直达欧美,覆盖全球的航线网络。自2003年开航至今,公司始终坚持“安全至上”的运营理念,累计安全飞行逾35万小时,保持了优良的安全运行记录。扬子江航空创立并成长于黄浦江畔,既保留了吴越文化的雅致和细腻,又吸纳了国际都市的现代与时尚,形成了具有全球视野、兼容并蓄的优秀企业文化。扬子江航空致力于打破传统航空平台的业务局限性,全面开放资源和合作节点,在优质的旅客服务基础上引进娱乐、时尚、乐活元素和潮流生活方式合作方,构建丰富多元的特有客舱文化,实现空中场景再造和航旅体验的全面升级。


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