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T Port is one of the startup company that provides total reservation managing solutions (PMS, CMS, Booking Plug-in, GDS) for all kind of accommodations called “ZARI”.The service is provided to hostel, guest house, bed & breakfast and all kinds of hospitality industry.It helps people to check reservation anytime and everywhere with their own computer and smartphone due to Web & Mobile based property management system(PMS) and Channel management System(CMS) that connects well smoothly with PMS. Last but not least, it also has Direct Booking Plug-in that customer can make reservation directly to their property.Furthermore, we are also presenting Global Distribution System(GDS) that offers various types of property data in real-time to any kinds of OTA around the world.ZARI’s point of view on developing program is Bottom-up point of view unlike the industry's normal point of view which is Top-down POV.With the experience of being manager in hostel, we created and provides ZARI to small types of hospitality properties such as guest house, hostel, resort, and bed and breakfast where did not have chance to reach hospitality technology.Our team members are always thinking about technology and strategy that will be useful and needed in hospitality industry with our brand motto “We propose better way for tomorrow’s accommodation industry”. We are also publishing magazine, conducting education session, and property consulting that delivers knowledge and tips that will be needed to manage their property.Please come to ITB China 2017 and meet us ‘ZARI, who that propose better way for tomorrow’s accommodation industry.’

T Port Inc.作为创业公司,就给我们提供能在各种住宿企业使用的综合预约管理软件ZARI不仅仅向酒店、客栈、Guest House、民宿,Bed和Breakfast以及所有住宿企业提供服务。ZARI为了通过各种各样渠道获得预约信息的住宿企业所准备。为了在一处便可便捷地管理随时随地的顾客预约而准备的Web&Mobile based Property Management System(PMS)(基于移动网络的物业管理系统)以及与PMS流畅统合并驱动的Channel Management System (CMS)(通路管理系统),以及统合于PMS和CMS的,随时都可以从顾客处接收预约的Direct Booking Plug-in(直接预订插件)在内全部都会提供.不仅如此,能把多样的住宿店铺的实时数据提供给全世界不同的线上旅行社,提供更便利的全球分配系统。ZARI是与现有产业中固定的自上而下的技术相反,是以自下而上的方式开始的。实际拥有过酒店经理经验是基本,还有旅馆、宾馆、度假村、游轮早餐等住宿产业技术还没能触及的地方,ZARI在提供“住宿产业必需技术”的同时,也在这两者的技术层面上有着不少的苦恼。ZARI的成员们致力于分析和研究住宿产业所需的技术和战略,以成为“提供精准住宿信息的人”为目标而不只是单纯地开发软件,在发行传递住宿产业所需知识的杂志的同时将教育与咨询相结合,欢迎到ITB China 2017来参观参与展示的“提供精准住宿信息的人”团队。


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