Booth No. B024

QUIMBAYA LATIN AMERICA is the only DMC in LATIN AMERICA with its own 17 local offices in 11 countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama.

QUIMBAYA sells only B2B and is exclusively providing incoming services to Tour Operators, MICE and Agencies.
Created 32 years ago, QUIMBAYA has been operating Chinese groups since 2011 and with a sales office in Beijing since 2017.

QUIMBAYA has been creating unique tailor-made itineraries for all type of clients. Thanks to the strong local presence, QUIMBAYA can offer multi-destination itineraries including fixed departures and the longest tour: 7 countries in 28 days.



今巴雅拉丁美洲公司一直为所有类型的客户创建独特的定制行程。 凭借强大的本地影响力,今巴雅可以提供多目的地行程,包括固定班次和超长的旅行:28天内的7个国家。

Product Groups

  • Incoming Agencies
  • Family Holidays
  • Customized Tour