West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board

West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board

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West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board is the official marketing organization that invites visitors to West Hollywood, California, a walkable, 1.9 square mile/4.9 square kilometer city in the heart of Los Angeles. Located at the base of the Hollywood Hills and adjacent to Beverly Hills, West Hollywood is a creative and progressive city that embodies the quintessential L.A. lifestyle. It is home to 19 hotels and is comprised of three main districts: the world-famous Sunset Strip with unparalleled nightlife, the eclectic and LGBTQ-friendly Santa Monica Boulevard, and the Design District known for its sought-after shopping and dining. West Hollywood enjoys a year-round moderate climate and, thanks to its prime location and hip atmosphere, serves as home and playground to many celebrities.To learn more about West Hollywood, please visit https://www.visitwesthollywood.com/.

西好莱坞旅游局为官方营销组织,旨在向全世界推广西好莱坞这一绝佳的旅游目的地。西好莱坞位于洛杉矶的中心,面积4.9平方公里,步行可到达各处。西好莱坞位于好莱坞山脚下,毗邻比佛利山庄,是一个充满创意和进取的城市,体现了典型的洛杉矶生活方式。西好莱坞目前有19家酒店,并由三个主要区域组成:世界著名并拥有无与伦比夜生活的日落大道(Sunset Strip);多元化及LGBTQ友好的圣塔莫尼卡大道(Santa Monica Boulevard)和以其广受追捧的购物和餐饮而闻名的西好莱坞设计区(West Hollywood Design District)。西好莱坞享有全年温和的气候,并且由于其优越的地理位置和时髦的氛围,许多名人巨星在此经常出没。敬请浏览https://www.visitwesthollywood.com/了解更多关于西好莱坞的最新动态。

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