The IT’S MY WORLD TRAVEL AWARD 2019 is organized in cooperation with, it recognizes innovative tourism destinations, organizations and businesses that present the latest outbound travel trends of Chinese travelers and that are driving the positive transformation of the tourism industry.

The awards ceremony and networking lunch will be held on 16 May.


The award is presented in six categories:

  • Top 10 Travel Influencers of the Year – recognizing creative travel solutions
  • Top 10 Emerging Destinations of the Year – recognizing most popular places in terms of culture, unique experience and safety
  • Top 10 Amazing Travel Experiences of the Year – recognizing best travel experiences, trendy but also suitable for the average traveler
  • Top 10 Transportation Providers of the Year – recognizing best transportation services, including airline, cruise and railway etc.
  • Top 10 Local Travel Service Providers of the Year – recognizing best local travel services, including shopping mall, Financial services institutions and Tax rebate institutions etc
  • Top 10 Pioneers of Travel & Tourism – recognizing great contributions to the travel industry

application and ceremony

Applicants can apply Top 10 Travelers of the Year,Top 10 Best Destinations,Top 10 Amazing Travel Experiences by click the link

Applicants can apply Top 10 Intelligent Travel Transportation Providers,Top 10 Intelligent Local Travel Service Providers,Top 10 Pioneers of Travel & Tourism by click the link

Applications can be submitted from 8 April until 15 April.

The voting of “Top 10 Travelers of the Year”, “Top 10 Best Destinations”, “Top 10 Amazing Travel Experiences” will be open to public in Qyer APP from 16th April until the 30th of April 2019. The finalists will be announced on 16th May in the award ceremony of ITB China is a worldwide platform for travel , lifestyle and social networking which was founded by Mr. Yi Xiao in 2004.

So far over billions of users have shared travelling tips here to record their journey and moments of life.

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