ITB China 2019 Conference Program

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ITB China Conference is the platform where newest trends and innovation of the Asian travel industry are presented. Join the conference and broaden your horizon, meet industry peers and discuss the hottest topics. 

Conference Topics

Day 1 – Opening Session | Destination | Customized & Themed Travel
Day 2 – Travel Tech & Online Travel | Hotel Marketing & Distribution | MICE & Business Travel
Day 3 – IT & Travel | Education & Job Day

Please find below the ITB China Conference Program which takes place at the Conference Center. On floor we will have another stage – the Presentation Hub.

To get an overview of all events that take place during ITB China 2019 please visit the Program Overview.

Conference Room A
Conference Room B
Presentation Hub

Conference Room A

Day 1
15 May 2019
Day 2
16 May 2019
Day 3
17 May 2019

Welcome Remarks

Charlie Li

Keynote: Italy

Mr Giorgio Palmucci

Keynote: Hotel’s new retail, reinvent the use of hotel ‘space’

Leverage every inch of space within the hotel, either in the lobby area or in-room to maximize the retail opportunities. Community open hotel design incorporating with new retail is expected...
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Mr. Leo Liu

Keynote: Full process aviation experience

Air China airline network, product services. By providing exclusive services for the entry point of full-process travel, customers can improve their comfortable travel experience
Jun Xue

Keynote: Hand in hand with Meituan,Built to last together

With the further upgrading of consumption, people’s yearning for a better life is more intense, and the demand for enjoyable consumption erupts. We hope to give full play to the...
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Qing Guo
12:00 - 14:00

Lunch Break

Keynote: How to promote Xi’an’s culture and tourism by new media

As an ancient capital, Xi’an is famous for its rich historical and cultural resources. In recent years, under the guidance of the Xi’an Municipal Party Committee and Xi’an Municipal Government,...
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Xiaoyan Li

Keynote: “Mini Product, Immense Market” – Empowering travel product innovation

As travel destinations and choices continue to expand, demand for travel products and itineraries becomes even more diversified. How to utilize current technological advances, effectively work with airlines, airports as...
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MS. Kate Chang

Keynote: How overseas tourism boards get localized in China

We could meet and stimulate the demands of travelers by disseminating the tourist destination of multiple dimensions, with the insights of outbound passengers research, the content they interested in and...
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Rita Chi

Keynote: The digitization of B2B marketing in travel

Digital tools, especially WeChat, are increasingly used in reaching and engaging travel trade partners in China. In this presentation, we’ll describe the development of this trend and share case studies...
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George Cao

Connecting Destinations with Chinese Travellers by Leveraging New Digital Tools?

Tracy Jin
Maria Elena Rossi
Nachi Vilardo
Miguel Gallego
Filipe Silva
Joseph Wang

Keynote: Meeting Diversified Needs: How Big Data Drives Growth in A New Era for Tourism

Focused on emerging tourism trends, we analysis the ever changing preferences of international leisure travelers, business travelers, and other groups of travelers over the past five years from perspectives of...
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Jing Zhang

Keynote: How to fully utilize technology platform to enhance the value of hotel resources

Hotel facilities mainly include guest rooms, restaurants, as well as conference rooms, gyms, swimming pools and other supporting facilities. Utilizing technology platforms can improve product utilization while reducing costs. GreenCloud’s...
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Steven Tu
12:00 - 14:00

Lunch Break

Keynote: The “3C Strategy”: Consumer, Content and Commercialization Would be Growth Engine of New Tourism

The tourism industry is entering a new era of challenges. Business growth has become a common challenge of the whole industry, “good content + great service” is the core of...
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Bin Du

ITB China Startup Award 2019

Ram Badrinathan
Mr. Ram Badrinathan
Mr. Matt James
Mr. Jay You
Mr. Jiazhu Wu
Mr. Le Yu
MS. Margaret Feng

Keynote: People oriented Education and Tourism Talent Training

In the 40 years since China’s economic reform and opening up, the country’s tourism industry has burgeoned. The demand for talent in the industry has been increasing while requirements are...
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Mr. Yunlong Sun

Panel: People-oriented Education and Tourism Talent Training

In the 40 years since China’s economic reform and opening up, the country’s tourism industry has burgeoned. The demand for talent in the industry has been increasing while requirements are...
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Jason Fang
Qianhui Xiao
Mr. Yunlong Sun

Panel: Industry and Education integration and Tourism Talent Development Innovation

New travel businesses are emerging and developing on the back of growing consumer demand, progresses in the industry and information technology revolution. This highlights the issues with the shortage of...
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Sara Liu
Johannes Liu
Dan Lai
Kane Xu
Curt Mao
12:00 - 14:00

Lunch Break

Is the Future Dominated by Artificial Intelligence, How Can People Compete with Machines?

As the world is changing so fast, how the skills and talents required by commercial organizations have been changing?How the professionals can better plan their career path and position themselves...
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Qi Zhang
Luc Xue
Jenny Fu
Gloria Wang
Cindy Yin
Mr. Yunlong Sun

Conference Room B

Day 1
15 May 2019
Day 2
16 May 2019
Day 3
17 May 2019
12:00 - 14:00

Lunch Break

Keynote: Island Tour Made More Fun with Diving

Diving as a differentiated offering to Millenium travelers who are...
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Yan Lou

Themed Travel: How Product Design Makes the Difference?

Xavier de Rohan Chabot
Jun Zhang
Jonas Yang
Tina Wang
Mr. Bora Shnitman

Keynote: Conversion for Destination Resources and Products

The travel industry has been plagued by the absence of...
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Gloria Wu

Keynote: The Upgrade of International Luxury Travel in China​ :Experience, Satisfaction and Inspiration

As China grows to the world’s most powerful outbound market,...
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Jonathan Cheung

To scale or Not to Scale: How Customized Travel Better Serve the Customer needs

Roger shou
Ming Guo
Sherwin Mak
Derek Zhao
Christine Cheng

How WeChat influences hotel marketing and sales?

Express WeChat marketing implementation in hotel industry to assist hotel...
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Yun Chen

Hotel Marketing & Distribution: New Channels, New Tools, New Trends

Jack Wang
Marcel Gu
Jie Feng
Cinn Tan
David He
Joseph Xia
12:00 - 14:00

Lunch Break

Keynote: Current Trends of Development and Innovation in China’s MICE Market

With a focus on MICE and a goal of branding,...
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Maria Zheng

How China’s MICE Market is Progressing?

How the MICE suppliers leverage the trends and better product...
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Crystal Zhang
Tyler Tang
Jack Shi
Grace Liu
Justin Yang


Will share views about innovations of TMC Ecosystem,changes and trends...
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Jiqin Fang

How Technological Innovations Are Transforming Business Travel

The business travel sector is undergoing rapid changes due to...
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Jian Gan
Sean Shao
Suhua Dong
Kelly Huang
Cypher Cao
Jonathan Kao

Keynote: Travel Big Data Empower Business Scenarios

What new changes will big data and artificial intelligence bring...
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How the Travel Industry Tackle the Challenge of Data Security and Abuse?

As the global travel industry is growing at a fast...
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Chole Kou
Lanny Yang
Michael Zhu
Hardy Wang
Weber Wang

Presentation Hub

Day 1
15 May 2019
Day 2
16 May 2019
Day 3
17 May 2019
12:00 - 14:00

Lunch Break

Unlock China Outbound Travel Market through Destination Marketing

How can overseas destinations enter or develop in the booming China outbound travel market? Ctrip will share their destination marketing experience of matching targeted users with right destinations.
Zoey Zhang

Keynote: Mobile payment journey

With the rise of Mobile, more and more of our customers have asked us what they can do to optimize their mobile payment experience. We looked into in regards to...
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Philip Shi

Technological Innovation Enabling Enterprises “Business Travel Cloud + MICE Cloud”

Air China Yeego focuses on business travel and MICE application solutions. It’s been working on creating S2B2C ecosphere from resources to enterprises to customers through the scenario application of Supply-side...
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Greece Guo

Keynote: FX risk management solution in travel sector

Under the circumstance of deepening globalization and the spurt growth of China’s outbound travel market, how to deal with the volatility risks of the foreign exchange market and easily lock...
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Rose Pang

Papua New Guinea and PNG promotion

Introduce PNG and highlights of PNG tourism
Alice Kuaningi

Martech enabling Tourism, how to really grasp their journeys?

How to use Martech technology to create high-quality marketing activities? – Case sharing of a domestic airline enterprise How to promote interaction and enhance users’ journey experience? – Case sharing...
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Christy Yin

Key findings of the ITB China 2019 Travel Trends Report

What do Chinese travellers need and demand in the fields of island, adventure, sports, and culture travel? The ITB China 2019 Travel Trends Report was conducted by Kairos Future based...
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Andreas Reibring

Keynote: Adventure Travel and the ATTA: The Future of Travel

Adventure Travel is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry and provides great value to participants. This session explores the components of adventure travel and how as an organization...
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Dr. Jake Finifrock

Panel: Adventure Travel, is it the Future of Tourism?

Adventure travel is outgrowing the mass travel sector at a pace of 4 to 1. This thirst for nature, culture, and activity is drawing travelers from all over the world...
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Jack Liu
Jim Sano
Haybina Hao 
Fan Na
Dr. Jake Finifrock

Keynote: Trend of Tourists from China and Attention market in the future

Lectures focusing on the winter sports market that is paying particular attention to the growth of Chinese market in inbound to Japan
Kiyoshi Fujita
12:00 - 14:00

Lunch Break

Chinese Outbound Wildlife Tourism Consumer Research

Wildlife Tourism – tourism specifically based on encounters with non-domesticated animals – constitutes a huge global market. How to understand the sustainable demand and participants’ social responsibilities from the perspective...
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Feng Yu

Balancing Revenue and Product for Island Travel

Tom Tang
Sean Zhao
David Tao
Bamboo Zhou
Susie Sun

Ctrip & COTRI: CTW Award 2019

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt

Ctrip will launch Customized Travel platform 3.0

Customized travelers have strong requirement in niche and specialized tourism resources. However, we face two aspects of difficulty in terms of supply: Firstly, niche and speciaclized suppliers find it is...
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Jonathan Xie

HSMAI Session

Jackie Douglas

Keynote: The Art of Setting Your Room Price

Hotel Room Pricing Position and Structure. Best Practice in China market and trend for future.
Charles Wang

Keynote: Data Intelligence Drives Hotel Decisions

The authoritative Shanghai accommodation industry report is released to comprehensively analyze the changing trend of Shanghai accommodation market and consumer behavior, provide data and decision support to hotel management.
Jay Dai

Keynote: Empower Hotel Integrated Sales

With new technology and innovation, there are so many tools that a hotelier can use to increase their revenue. However, for most hotels, 80% of sales are generated from a...
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Ted Zhang

Hotel Distribution Panel

Alice Lu
Anson Lau
Hugo Hu
Chris Dai
Jade Liu