The ITB China Buyers Circle is a nationwide buyers’ community, exclusive to professional Chinese travel buyers. Based on insights from Chinese travel professionals the ITB China Buyers Circle is focused on identifying Chinese tourism market trends and generating content supporting international destinations and suppliers to better cope and adapt to the demands of Chinese visitors.


Underlining the strong support of the Chinese Travel industry for this initiative, China’s leading travel agencies have joined the ITB China Buyers Circle by becoming “Founding Partners“.



Group Buyer Partner

 “The launch of ITB China has built a bridge of communication between the Chinese market and the global tourism industry. Caissa Travel is honored to be a founding partner of ITB China Buyers Circle and is delighted to provide worldwide quality partners with shared strengths – it is a win-win cooperation for both. The ITB China platform will facilitate opening the tourist market in China to grow bigger and stronger. Caissa Travel will continue to support ITB China and expects more international players to engage in the exploration of broader potential for China and the world travel market” said Mr. Chen Xiaobing, Founder of CAISSA China & President of CAISSA Tourism Group.

Albert Cao, Vice President of SMCC Council and the Vice President of Across China Communication said: “ITB is the number one travel trade show brand in the world, which successfully established a global travel industry platform which MICE travel is a very important part of. In its third year, ITB China has been playing a very important role in the Chinese travel market and serves also as a bridge between the Chinese and international MICE travel market. I believe the partnership with the ITB China Buyers Circle will help to bring more travel resources to Chinese buyers.”

“HH Travel is honored to be part of ITB China Buyers Circle and partner with ITB China, the leading B2B travel trade show in China. As a luxury travel brand providing high-quality travel services, we are looking forward to developing our business with global travel suppliers. The behavior of Chinese travelers has been shifting, ITB China Buyers Circle provide us a good platform to exchange ideas with industry peers and improve our products”, said Mr. Guo Ming, COO of HH Travel.


By conducting a series of interviews and market surveys amongst its broad buyers’ database of key industry players the ITB China Buyers Circle will regularly identify current trends of the Chinese travel industry. This buyer generated content generated from its Circle members will help empower international destinations and travel suppliers desiring to connect with the Chinese travel market by better understanding the needs and upcoming trends of the world’s largest source market.

The findings will be continuously published throughout the year and summarized in the yearly ITB China Travel Trends Report publication which will be delivered to the entire buyer database of ITB China and distributed during ITB China tradeshow onsite.

The 2019 report will include the currently most recent topic impacting the Chinese travel and tourism industry: Customized and Themed Travel, with special focus on:

‐Island Travel

‐Adventure travel

‐Sports travel

-Culture Travel

What did they say about Island Travel?

Zhu Wenbo,

Vice President and General Manager of Business,

China Kanghui Tourism Group.

Susie Sun,

Director of Island Division,

Tongcheng Travel Co., Ltd

Bamboo Jizhong Zhou,

CEO of 8 Continents Travel

Chen Hua,

Head of Outbound Travel Department,


Paul Strachan,

Senior Director Canada of Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation

What did they say about Adventure Travel?

Zhang Jun,

General Manager,

China International Travel Service (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Forrest Lynn,


 Diadema International Travel Agency

Chen Yao,

Deputy General Manager,

Sparkle Tour

Jake Finifrock,

Regional Director, Asia,


What did they say about Sports Travel?

Chen Xiaobing,

Founder of Caissa China and President of Caissa Travel

Zhao Wenzhi,

Executive VP of GZL International Travel Service

Zhang Jie,

Head of Ctrip Theme Travel Platform

What did they say about Culture Travel?

Chen Zhuo,

General Manager of Europe Division & Cultural Travel Division at CTS Shanghai

Maria Yi Xin,

Chief Financial Officer of Tuniu Corp

Li MengRan,

UTour’s communication manager


The ITB China Buyers Circle is simultaneously launching a series of offline networking and content events among Chinese buyers throughout the year. These events regionally take place all over China and focus on different target topics.

The latest kick-off event took place from 13 to 15 December 2018 at Wanning, Hainan Province, China’s famous island holiday destination. Attendees from 50 leading Chinese travel agencies participated and shared their knowledge on the topic of the development opportunities of Islands’ adventure travel of Chinese travelers. CLICK to check more details

Impressions of offline event Hainan

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