ITB China 2018 Presentation Hub Schedule

Please find below the ITB China Presentation Hub Program. The ITB China Conference will be held at the Conference Center, for all other events please take a look at the special events section.

To get an overview of all events that take place during ITB China 2018 please visit the Program Overview.

Day 1
16 May 2018
Day 2
17 May 2018
Day 3
18 May 2018

Keynote: Meet Millennials on Animal-Friendly Tourism

Findings from China National Readership Survey-Target Group Index show that Millennials are becoming one of the main consumer groups in Chinese tourism market. This study analyzed Chinese Millennials’ travel consumption...
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Mr. Feng Yu

Panel: How to understand the values and opportunities of Animal-Friendly Tourism in the context of demand transformation?

Following consumption upgrading in Chinese tourism market, consumers has increasing demand to high quality travel products. Extensive elephant entertainment products in Southeast Asia could not satisfy tourists’ diversified demand as...
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Mr. Mike Stewart
Mr. Zhonghua Zhao
Ms. Mu Ge
Mr. Yi Lin
Mr. Chunquan Zhu
Ms. Yu Zheng

Shared vacation based on the tourism real estate

Tourism real estate status and market prospect in China How vacation trend goes of Chinese middle-class? What’s VaShare approach? How to do with VaShare together? What is VaShare?
Mr. Hai Zhuang

Keynote: Survival of the fittest,The New Ecosystem in The European Travel Retail Industry

The European travel retail market with abundant opportunities will soon be challenged by severe impact brought by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), while the difficulty of industry chain coordination grows...
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Ms. Sandra Servos

Weishi Glass – Record the Expedition

Weishi Glass – Record the Expedition • Photo/Video/Stream with standalone eyeglass device • Voice control and audio feedback • SNS sharing / Stream Video Qrobot –smart speaker for hotels &...
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Mr. Jin Fang

Keynote: Pan Pacific Hotels Group is Poised for Continued Growth

An established hospitality player in the region, Pan Pacific Hotels Group strengthens its foundation with the Pan Pacific and PARKROYAL brands. The Group is on a steady and definite journey...
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Ms. Cinn Tan

Keynote: The Global Economic Impact & Strategic Opportunity for Travel & Tourism

Provide an overview of the global economic impact for the Travel & Tourism sector – 2017 global data for GDP, employment, investment and exports with 10 year growth forecasts, the...
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Mr. Nigel David

Social CRM, let mobile social support marketing innovation

Customer relationship management is a timeless topic. In the era of mobile Internet, the use of various innovative mobile social applications will help to establish a stronger relationship between enterprises...
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Mr. Hanson Wu

Keynote: Why Sports Tourism Becomes a Hot Topic?

In December 2016, the National Tourism Administration and General Administration of Sport jointly issued a document to clearly define the national strategy for the development of sports tourism. Afterwards, sports...
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Professor Hai Li

Case Study: How does Switzerland Develop Sports Tourism Business in China?

Active Sports tourism: that’s the fundament of the Swiss tourism industry, that’s how it all started in Switzerland, more than 150 years ago. With it’s natural setting – 60% of...
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Mr. Simon Bosshart

Panel: Outdoor Clubs, New Partners of Destination

“Outdoor Club” is a unique organization in China, which are playing an increasing important role in tourism industry and bring a new market to the industry. In order to welcome...
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Mr. ZeWei Wu
Mr. YongFeng Xing
Mr. David Wu
Mr. David Cheng
Mr. Zhengyuan Zhu

Case Study: How sports stars to boost the tourism destinations via integrated marketing?

With years of experience in “sport + tourism”, Four Bat Sports has explored the brand new way to cooperate between sports and tourism destination. The plan describes in details how...
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Mr. Xuan Zhao

Case Study: How do We Serve the Ski Tourists from China?

Introduction of snow sports industry of China. How do we serve the ski tourists from China? Analysis of snow sports development of China
Mr. Louis Liu

Panel: The Sports Tourism Business in China

Marathon tourism, ski tourism, spectator tourism and other sports tourism is a trendy topic in Chinese tourism industry. What is the difference on business model between traditional tourism and sports...
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Mr. Smite Lee
Mr. Lee Shea
Mr. JianHua Huang
Mr. Oliver Wang
Mr. Ralf Ostendorf
12:00 - 14:00

Lunch Break

Keynote: Diversified Business Trip Mode Solutions

Business trip environment is complex in China, Small micro enterprises requiring standardized services, Foreign enterprises requiring English and Chinese bilingual services, Large and medium-sized enterprises requiring Customized services, Large-sized State-owned...
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Ms. Greece Guo

How to Train and Make Standards for Professional Travel Planners

To make an introduction to the professional status, salary and job content of Professional Travel Planners. To explore the challenge for Professional Travel Planners’ training program.
Ms. Gemma Li

Keynote: Colourful Tunisia

Tunisia has rich tourism resources which cover the sea and desert, also with 3000 years of history culture.
Ms. Amandine Wu

Keynote: Virtual Credit Card Payment Case Study

Why Expedia work with WEX on Virtual Credit Card Payment?
Mr. Daniel Yao

CTW Chinese Tourist Welcome Award

The CTW Chinese Tourist Welcome Awards have been held annually by COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute since 2004. Over the past 14 years it has established itself as the...
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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt

HSMAI Keynote: Welcome

Ms. Huilian Duan

Panel: Distribution in the Hotel Industry

Moderated by: Christine Liu, Country Manager, China, STR Panelists: David He, VP, GM of China Business Department, DerbySoft Arnold Ge, Director of Key Account, JointWisdom Joep VAN MEERWIJK, Director of...
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Mr. Joep van Meerwijk
Mr. Arnold Ge
Ms. Carolyn Pan
Mr. Will Shao
Ms. Christine Liu
Mr. David He

“Forecasting Rooms” Training Workshop

HSMAI will provide an interactive training workshop based on the Rooms Forecasting Course and suitable for all hotel staff. This is part of HSMAI’s Certificate in Revenue Management (Hospitality) launched...
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Ms. Tracy Dong
Ms. Jackie Douglas