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Founded in early 2015, iPayLinks was originated from the dream of an elite team in the industry: “China must have a place in the field of cross-border payment!” iPayLinks devotes itself to becoming a leading service provider of cross-border payment technology in China. The headquarters is located in Lujiazui, Shanghai. So far, iPayLinks has cooperated with tens of thousands of enterprises or institutions, and it set its branches in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, British, America and Dubai successively.
The iPayLinks system has passed PCI-DSS Level-1 certification, the highest safety certification for international card payment, and it has obtained various overseas financial licenses. In the past few years, Tencent, Legend Capital, Vision+ Capital, Phoenix Fortune and Kairous have invested in iPayLinks for several rounds. Last year, the enterprise was awarded as “2018 Forbes China Top Up-and-Coming Unlisted Companies”, “2018 Deloitte – China Renaissance Rising Star”, and listed in 2017/2018 “KPMG Top 50 of New Financial Technologies in China”, and other honorary titles.
To overcome payment obstacles faced by overseas Chinese enterprises and meet multilevel demands of clients for payment, iPayLinks first puts forward the trinity integrated solution for cross-border payment, providing an all-round comprehensive service to clients who require domestic cross-border e-commerce, want to travel abroad and study abroad, as well as the games and amusement industries. As to glabal payment gateway, iPayLinks covers mainstream international credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB, and supports payment in more than 200 countries and regions. As to marketplace payouts, it has created a one-stop collection and distribution system and supports multiple platforms like Amazon, eBay and Wish. As to the supply chain technology, it provides working capital for enterprises, and drives the new cross-border trend for them in an all-round way.

iPayLinks系统通过了国际卡支付PCI-DSS Level-1行业最高安全认证,并获得各类海外金融牌照。过去几年,iPayLinks连续获得腾讯、君联资本、元璟资本、凤凰祥瑞、凯洛斯基金的数轮投资。企业更是在去年荣获“2018福布斯中国非上市公司潜力企业”、“2018德勤-华兴中国明日之星”、蝉联2017/2018“毕马威中国
合解决方案,为国内跨境电商、出行航旅、教育留学、游戏娱乐等客户提供全面的综合服务。在独立站收单领域,囊括Visa、MasterCard、American Express、Discover、JCB等主流国际信用卡收单,支持全球200+本地化支付等;在平台收款领域,支持Amazon、eBay、Wish等多平台收款,打造一站式平台收款与分发体系;在供应链科技领域,解决企业发展资金周转烦恼,全方位助力企业塑造跨境新势能。



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