World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection

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World Animal Protection is an international non-profit organization which has worked to animal proection for more than 30 years. Active in 50 countries, World Animal Protection works with individuals, organizations and governments across the globe to promote animal welfare concept and practice. With the consultative status at United Nations and close cooperation with international organizations like World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), World Animal Protection is uniquely placed to bring animals into the heart of the most pressing global debates and prove the links between good animal welfare and successful sustainable development. World Animal Protection set its China office based in Beijing in 2007. Under the idea of “In China, for China”, we work with the governments, local organizations, businesses and communities to construct a beautiful China and better life for animals and the people. With extraordinary achievements in promoting animal welfare education, humane and sustainable agriculture, and wildlife protection, World Animal Protection moves people to protect animals and to build a beautiful China where humans and animals can live in harmony.Our new name is World Animal Protection since 2014. We were known as WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals)

世界动物保护协会是国际领先的动物保护国际组织,80年代初在英国注册, 总部在伦敦,活跃在全球50多个国家,致力于积极加强和推动动物保护的观念和实践。世界动物保护协会在联合国拥有全面咨商地位,与世界动物卫生组织等机构密切合作,努力将动物保护纳入全球人类亟需解决的议题之中,向世界证明帮助动物就是帮助人类。世界动物保护协会2007年在中国设立分支机构,秉承“在中国,为中国”的理念,积极与政府、院校、企业和个人合作,推动发展中国动物保护事业。工作领域涉及野生动物,社区动物,农场动物和受灾动物。我们通过开展动物福利教育、野生动物保护、 人道与可持续性农业项目等, 推动人们携手保护动物, 建设人与动物和谐相处的美丽中国。2014 年6月起,世界动物保护协会的英文名称 (WSPA: World Society for the Protection of Animals) 更名为""World Animal Protection""。不变的是我们 推动世界保护动物的坚定步伐。


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