ITB China Buyers Circle


By conducting a series of interviews and market surveys amongst its broad buyers’ database of key industry players the ITB China Buyers Circle regularly identifies current trends of the Chinese travel industry. This buyer generated content generated from its Circle members helps empower international destinations and travel suppliers desiring to connect with the Chinese travel market by better understanding the needs and upcoming trends of the world’s largest source market.

The findings will be continuously published throughout the year and summarized in the yearly ITB China Travel Trends Report publication which will be delivered to the entire buyer database of ITB China and distributed during ITB China tradeshow onsite.

Click here to download 2020 report.


The ITB China Buyers Circle is simultaneously launching a series of offline networking and content events among Chinese buyers throughout the year. These events regionally take place all over China and focus on different target topics.

The latest kick-off event took place in Wanning, Hainan Province, China’s famous island holiday destination. Attendees from 50 leading Chinese travel agencies participated and shared their knowledge on the topic of the development opportunities of Islands’ adventure travel of Chinese travelers. CLICK to check more details

Impressions of offline event Hainan

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