ITB China 2019 Presentation Hub Schedule

Please find below the ITB China Presentation Hub Program. The ITB China Conference will be held at the Conference Center, for all other events please take a look at the special events section.

To get an overview of all events that take place during ITB China 2019 please visit the Program Overview.

Day 1
15 May 2019
Day 2
16 May 2019
Day 3
17 May 2019
12:00 - 14:00

Lunch Break

Unlock China Outbound Travel Market through Destination Marketing

How can overseas destinations enter or develop in the booming China outbound travel market? Ctrip will share their destination marketing experience of matching targeted users with right destinations.
Zoey Zhang

Keynote: Mobile payment journey

With the rise of Mobile, more and more of our customers have asked us what they can do to optimize their mobile payment experience. We looked into in regards to...
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Philip Shi

Technological Innovation Enabling Enterprises “Business Travel Cloud + MICE Cloud”

Air China Yeego focuses on business travel and MICE application solutions. It’s been working on creating S2B2C ecosphere from resources to enterprises to customers through the scenario application of Supply-side...
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Greece Guo

Keynote: FX risk management solution in travel sector

Under the circumstance of deepening globalization and the spurt growth of China’s outbound travel market, how to deal with the volatility risks of the foreign exchange market and easily lock...
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Rose Pang

Papua New Guinea and PNG promotion

Introduce PNG and highlights of PNG tourism
Alice Kuaningi

Martech enabling Tourism, how to really grasp their journeys?

How to use Martech technology to create high-quality marketing activities? – Case sharing of a domestic airline enterprise How to promote interaction and enhance users’ journey experience? – Case sharing...
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Christy Yin

Key findings of the ITB China 2019 Travel Trends Report

What do Chinese travellers need and demand in the fields of island, adventure, sports, and culture travel? The ITB China 2019 Travel Trends Report was conducted by Kairos Future based...
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Andreas Reibring

Keynote: Adventure Travel and the ATTA: The Future of Travel

Adventure Travel is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry and provides great value to participants. This session explores the components of adventure travel and how as an organization...
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Dr. Jake Finifrock

Panel: Adventure Travel, is it the Future of Tourism?

Adventure travel is outgrowing the mass travel sector at a pace of 4 to 1. This thirst for nature, culture, and activity is drawing travelers from all over the world...
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Jack Liu
Jim Sano
Haybina Hao 
Fan Na
Dr. Jake Finifrock

Keynote: Trend of Tourists from China and Attention market in the future

Lectures focusing on the winter sports market that is paying particular attention to the growth of Chinese market in inbound to Japan
Kiyoshi Fujita
12:00 - 14:00

Lunch Break

Chinese Outbound Wildlife Tourism Consumer Research

Wildlife Tourism – tourism specifically based on encounters with non-domesticated animals – constitutes a huge global market. How to understand the sustainable demand and participants’ social responsibilities from the perspective...
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Feng Yu

Balancing Revenue and Product for Island Travel

Tom Tang
Sean Zhao
David Tao
Bamboo Zhou
Susie Sun

Ctrip & COTRI: CTW Award 2019

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt

Ctrip will launch Customized Travel platform 3.0

Customized travelers have strong requirement in niche and specialized tourism resources. However, we face two aspects of difficulty in terms of supply: Firstly, niche and speciaclized suppliers find it is...
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Jonathan Xie

HSMAI Session

Jackie Douglas

Keynote: The Art of Setting Your Room Price

Hotel Room Pricing Position and Structure. Best Practice in China market and trend for future.
Charles Wang

Keynote: Data Intelligence Drives Hotel Decisions

The authoritative Shanghai accommodation industry report is released to comprehensively analyze the changing trend of Shanghai accommodation market and consumer behavior, provide data and decision support to hotel management.
Jay Dai

Keynote: Empower Hotel Integrated Sales

With new technology and innovation, there are so many tools that a hotelier can use to increase their revenue. However, for most hotels, 80% of sales are generated from a...
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Ted Zhang

Hotel Distribution Panel

Alice Lu
Anson Lau
Hugo Hu
Chris Dai
Jade Liu