ITB China Education & Job Day

The ITB China Education & Job Day is a dedicated day of the ITB China Conference focusing on the exchange of educational knowledge and the promotion of career opportunities of current and future talents of the Chinese Travel Industry.

ITB China Education & Job Day is comprised of two components, namely Education and Job.

  • The Education part held in the morning consists of in-depth content sessions organized in partnership with globally renowned educational institutions, focusing on topics of tourism education and travel industry. This year’s honored partners of the Education Day are the Fudan University Shanghai , East China Normal University and the Shanghai Normal University
  • The Job part of the event consists of a dedicated area where companies, institutions and universities will present themselves to the interested audience. With a job wall, students and jobseekers can review current job offerings from participating companies as well as information on tourism related study possibilities. Furthermore, participating companies and institutions will be presenting themselves on stage through short presentations to the audience.


Day 1
18 May 2018

Keynote: Flexibility and constancy in the cultivation of tourism professional

Along with the permeation of the Internet, education is getting more and more open and decentralized, becoming a better platform for communication of information and idea. Tourism administration, as one of the applied subjects, should be sticking to the core spirit of service industry as well as keeping up with...
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Mr. Yunlong Sun

Keynote: Straight A at the office, CEO in ivory tower

Although we are not able to study round the clock everyday like a robot, learning should be a lifelong pursuit of us in the era of AI. At office or in ivory tower, surroundings or identity shouldn’t bound us. We are seeking to combine knowledge and practice both as scholars...
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Mr. Mo Zhang

Panel: Career development and cultivation of cultural personality

Shaping the culture of an enterprise is vital to the building of its core competency. How do we coordinate a tourism enterprise’s culture with the development of the company and employees? Which qualities do you value the most in service industry employees? How would you design a training program for...
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Mr. Yunlong Sun
Mr. Navy Wang
Ms. Laurie Cheng
Ms. Li Han
Mr. Tao Jin

Keynote: The Current And Future Of Tourism Education

This seminar explores the innovation in higher education, especially the significance of curriculum, professional orientation, teaching methods and learning environment for hospitality and tourism education.
Professor Cathy Hsu

Panel: The Current And Future Of Tourism Education

What kind of capabilities do junior, middle and senior tourism professionals need? What should students study in college? What advice does the industry have for educators? How does the industry cooperate with universities to train future talent? The session will share with the attendees the opinions of senior managers in...
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Dr. Tianyu Ying
Dr. James Mabey
Professor Cathy Hsu
Dr. Jason Song

Partners Testimonials

Dr. Sun Yunlong, Vice Dean, Department of Tourism & Director, MTA office at Fudan University: “We live in a world of technological disruption, where traditions are being disintegrated and reshaped”. According to him “the tourism sector and its practitioners are no exceptions. So, we must redefine tourism education and talents. To that end, we should recognize the profound changes in the tourism industry and decide what is to rise and what is to wane. With ITB China and its co-organizer Travel Daily China both being first-class platforms for travel-industry exchanges, I believe this creative connection between our education platforms and ITB China will surely bring about fantastic views on these questions. Looking forward to ITB China 2018!”


Professor Kaye Chon, Dean and Chair Professor of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Walter Kwok, Foundation Professor in International Hospitality Management, said: “With an exclusive focus on the Chinese travel market, ITB China provides an exceptional platform on which a diverse range of destinations and industry sectors are presented to Chinese as well as international hospitality and tourism professionals. We at the SHTM see this as an excellent opportunity for an international educational institution such as ourselves and global industry executives to converge and discuss career-defining strategies and plans. This strategic collaboration is in keeping with our common interest in nurturing hospitality and tourism professionals to lead the industry into its future. Ranked among the world’s top hotel and tourism schools and based in the heart of the booming Asia-Pacific region, the SHTM is best placed to provide international education to meet the specific demands of a truly global industry.”

For Job Seekers

Here jobseekers can find all job offers from companies, establish immediate contact with personnel managers and even directly apply for jobs on the spot. Newcomers such as tourism related major students will have the chances to get first-hand news on career planning or further studies for experts at the conference.


Access as a visitor to the “Education & Job Day” is free of charge for students and jobseekers of the travel industry. The event access is limited to May 17 and does not grant access to the event days of ITB China.


If you are interested to attend the ITB China Education & Job Day as an attendee, please click here to register.


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