Exhibitor Guide

Dear Exhibitor,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to ITB China 2021!

Since our launch in 2017, our goal at ITB China has been to connect China and the world of travel. This year’s ITB China 2021 features a hybrid format that underscores our unwavering commitment to serving the industry with customized networking services and as a hub for information exchange and discussion on the future of travel.

In this exhibitor guide we have compiled all the necessary information for you to optimally prepare for your participation.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our physical exhibition in Shanghai, 24 to 26 November 2021 at the Shanghai World Expo and Exhibition Center and to its virtual extension, ITB China Virtual, 8 November to 31 December 2021 on the newly developed ITB China Platform.

Whether on-site or online, we wish you all a successful participation and see you soon at ITB China 2021 and ITB China Virtual!

Your ITB China Team

Exhibitor Guide

The ITB China Platform – Quick-Guide for virtual exhibitors!

ITB China 2021 | Virtual

Important Dates

ITB China Virtual·8 Nov. 2021 – 31 Dec. 2021

ITB China Physical·24 – 26 Nov. 2021

ITB China Conference (Live-Streamed)·24 – 26 Nov. 2021


Main exhibitor registration

15 Sep. 2021

Co-exhibitor registration

20 Oct. 2021

Virtual exhibitor staff registration

26 Oct. 2021


(Applies to virtual exhibitors who have purchased a virtual appointment set)

Virtual Business Matching Phase 1

1) Exhibitors and buyers confirm their online time availability

2)  Exhibitors and buyers register on the eNewie e-meeting platform

21 – 27 Oct. 2021

Business Matching Phase 2:

Matchmaking calculation

28 – 31 Oct. 2021

Business Matching Phase 3:

Open diary – Exhibitors and buyers review virtual appointment schedule

1- 4 Nov 2021

Virtual Appointment Schedule Finalization

5 Nov. 2021

Pre-scheduled Virtual Meeting Week 1

8 – 12 Nov

Pre-scheduled Virtual Meeting Week 2

15 – 19 Nov

Self-arranged meetings between exhibitors and buyers

8 Nov. – 31 De. 2021

Please refer to “Virtual Business Matching” for more details about the ITB China matchmaking process for virtual exhibitors and the pre-scheduled appointment system.

Accessing ITB China Virtual

ITB China Virtual is part of the new ITB China Platform, a comprehensive participation management tool, that allows you to conveniently handle your virtual ITB China participation from your laptop or your mobile device.

On the ITB China Platform, you can:

  • Access the ITB China Virtual showfloor
  • Follow both the virtual and physical opening of ITB China and watch the full ITB China Conference
  • Manage your event calendar
  • Manage your virtual business matching and pre-scheduled appointments

The ITB China Platform including ITB China Virtual will be fully accessible from 21 October 2021.

Main Navigation

Desktop version:

The desktop version of the ITB China Platform has two main navigational areas.

On the left side, you can access all relevant physical and virtual exhibition areas such as:

  • ITB China showfloor
  • The ITB China Conference
  • Events
  • News
  • Onsite and virtual meeting calendars

On the right side, you will find personal functions such as:

  • Account settings
  • Chat
  • Meeting requests
  • E-business cards
  • Favorites

Mobile version:

From the home screen of the ITB China App you can access all main areas of ITB China Virtual, such as:

  • ITB China showfloor
  • Exhibitor product overview
  • ITB China Conference / content
  • Speaker overview
  • Gallery (from 24 Nov)

The navigation bar on the bottom lets you access further personal areas such as:

  • Your favorites
  • Your chat
  • Your calendar
  • Your account / login

Please return to the home screen in order to be able to navigate to all essential areas of ITB China Virtual and the ITB China Platform.

Please note: some functions in regard to the management of your physical participation, such as “plan your booth” and “plan your trip” are only accessible through the desktop version of the ITB China platform. To access the desktop version please follow http://wapp.itb-china.com.

Interact And Meet With Buyers

Interact And Meet With Buyers

ITB China Virtual is designed to enable communication and exchange between buyers and exhibitors.

Exhibitors with a virtual booth

Exhibitors with virtual booths can use the full range of communication features, including access to a selection of recommended buyers, sending and receiving messages, exchanging e-business card and self-arranging and commencing virtual meetings (video call).

Pre-scheduled virtual group meeting sets with up to 24 buyers can be additionally purchased during registration for USD 890. For more information on how the pre-scheduled appointments system works, see “Virtual Business Matching” in this Exhibitor Guide.

Exhibitors with a virtual listing

Exhibitors who are virtually listed without having a virtual booth have limited communication options but can receive and respond to inquiries from interested buyers and exchange e-business cards with them.

Recommended Buyers

Based on your company’s business profile you can access a selection of suitable buyers from your main navigation. Click on their profile and engage them by using the chat function.

Be aware that it is up to the buyers if they want to interact with any specific exhibitor.

Chat and e-Business Card Exchange

Start a conversation or respond to messages you receive with the chat function.

The chat is also the place where you will see invitations to virtual meetings and requests to exchange your e-business card, which you can accept or decline. Your individual e-Business card will be created automatically using your previously entered registration information.

Schedule Virtual Meetings

Exhibitors with virtual booths and buyers can self-arrange meetings with each other.

To do so, exhibitor and co-exhibitor staff need to register once on the eNewie e-meeting platform to activate the virtual video function used at ITB China Virtual.

The registration period on the eNewie platform is 21 – 27 October 2021.

Virtual Business Matching

Virtual Business Matching

ITB China is the largest B2B exclusive platform for you to build, expand and maintain your network of qualified Chinese buyers.

One of our most important tools is the so-called Prescheduled Appointment System (PSA System), which allows you to meet those buyers who best match your individual business profile and are interested in your products and services.

Exhibitors with a virtual booth can purchase one virtual group appointment set for USD 890. Each pre-scheduled virtual meeting includes up to 4 buyers at the same time (virtual group meeting).  

For best matchmaking results, please double-check your entered registration information regarding your operating market. This will be matched with the buyers’ scope of activities and buying interests. Only correctly entered information will result in best-possible matches.

To access the meeting calendar, you/your staff need to login to theITB China Platform. From here you can access and manage all your pre-scheduled meetings.

How does the Virtual Business Matching work?

Confirm Your Online Time Availability | 21 – 27 October 2021

Exhibitor and co-exhibitor staff with virtual appointment sets are required to confirm their online availability for the two weeks of the virtual meeting period or otherwise block off time slots during which they are busy. For this purpose, they must access the ITB China Platform with their personal login data and open their calendars. There they can easily find the “Block Time” function and can access the availability settings.

Activate the Virtual Meeting Function | 21 – 27 October 2021

Exhibitor and co-exhibitor staff with virtual appointment sets are required to register once on the eNewie platform to activate the virtual video function used at ITB China Virtual.

Virtual exhibitors that have a time zone difference of 7 or more hours from China are advised to set availability time windows exceeding regular working hours.

Matchmaking Calculation | 28 – 31 October 2021     

The ITB China PSA system calculates matching pairings between buyers and virtually attending exhibitors, who are then scheduled into previously confirmed available time slots.

Please note, that virtual group meetings cannot be rescheduled once the calculation has been completed.

Open Diary | 1 – 4 November 2021

Buyers and exhibitors can review their appointments in their calendars.

Please note, that virtual group meetings cannot be rescheduled (only cancelled) once the calculation is finished.


Appointment Schedule Finalization | 5 November 2021  

All individual schedules have been finalized and will be shown in your calendar on the ITB China Platform.


Week 1: Pre-scheduled Virtual Meetings | 8 – 12 November 

Week 2: Pre-scheduled Virtual Meetings | 15 – 19 November 

Personal Buyer Invitations

You are welcome to recommend your buyers to ITB China with the “Invite Your Buyers” function in your ITB China Account. After review and approval of the ITB China Buyer Team, we will invite your contacts to join the ITB China hosted buyer program.

Important Dates


13 -15 May 2020 ITB China
13 -15 May 2020 ITB China Conference


Exhbitors: 8:30am – 5:30pm
Buyers: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Trade Visitors: 9:30am – 5:00pm


11 – 12 May 2020 (8:30 am – 10:30 pm)


15 May 2020 (5:00 pm – 10:30 pm)


Exhibitor Registration 31 December 2019
Co-Exhibitor Registration 29 February 2020
Submission of construction plans 9 April 2020
Submission of additional furniture
and electrical installations order
9 April 2020
Business Matching Selection Phase April 2020
Appointment Schedule Finalization May 2020
Exhibitors Badge Registration 1 May 2020

ITB China Service Center and APP

ITB China has an online Service Center enabling you to conveniently select and order most of the services you need to consider while participating ITB China, such as catering, electricity, water and additional furniture orders. You can use the link http://wapp.itb-china.com to directly access the Service Center by logging in with your exhibitor ID and password.

By scanning the below QR Code you can download the official ITB China APP providing you various onsite services. You are also able to use the APP before the exhibition for important services for a successful participation such as the matchmaking by selecting the hosted buyers that you would like to meet during ITB China.

ITB China App

ITB China Timetable

ITB China Timetable

Planning your trip


If you are a foreign exhibitor, please go to your local Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate to obtain detailed information on the Chinese visa application as soon as possible as the requirements for visa application may vary from country to country.
An automatically generated visa invitation letter can be applied online through the ITB China Service Center.
Sometimes you might be required to provide an officially authorized invitation in order to receive a Chinese visa. In this case, please contact us (contact@itb-china.com) at least two months prior to the exhibition.


ITB China has selected several hotels which will be convenient and comfortable for your visit to ITB China. By using the link or reservation forms provided in the ITB China Service Center, you will be able to enjoy a special discount price. Don’t hesitate and book your hotels as soon as possible, as May is a peak season for hotels in Shanghai.



Venue Address : Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center (No. 850 Bocheng Road,Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China)
Venue Address in Chinese : 上海世博展览馆 中国上海市浦东新区博成路850号
SWEECC is located in the center of Shanghai and near the Huangpu River. It is 40 km away from Pudong International Airport to the east, and 20 km away from Hongqiao Airport to the west. It is near Zhonghua Art Palace, Expo Garden and Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center. You can easily reach it by metro or bus.

Metro: Line 8, China Art Museum Station.

Note: During ITB China, shuttle buses will be provided from the recommended hotels to the Shanghai World Expo Convention Center. The timetable of the shuttles will be available from 1 May 2020 in the ITB China Service Center.


Please find below important information about traffic on the exhibition grounds before, during and after the trade fair. Please note that there are specific regulations regarding entrances, exits and security deposit regulations.
All vehicles need a parking permit presented by the organizer to enter the freight vehicle park.
In addition, in the parking area, an application for an unloading certificate is necessary and can be applied for in the accreditation center.

DURING THE SET-UP PHASE (11 – 12 May 2020)
  • Access is only granted against a deposit payment of 370 RMB
  • Access for trucks up to 5 tons total weight
  • Access for trucks up to 3.2 meters height.
  • Retention time: 1.5 hour, for every exceeded half an hour, 100 RMB will be deducted from the deposit. After 3 hours, the deposit will not be returned.
  • The access during the trade fair is very limited. We recommend arranging all necessary entries before 13 May
  • Access is only granted against a deposit fee of 370 RMB
  • On 15 May the access time is 5:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Unauthorized vehicles parked on the exhibition grounds will be removed at the owner’s expense.


  • Enter from Zhoujiadu Road (Gate E1 & E2) to B1 & B2 for parking lot. The price is 8 RMB/h.
  • The River Mall (No. 339 Zhoujiadu Road)
  • No. 1115 Xueye 2nd Road

Planning your booth - insurance, construction and freight forwarder


APPOINTED INSURANCE: Picc Shanghai branch (exhibition all risks)

According to SWEECC(venue)’s requirment, from 2018.3.1, all constructor of raw space shall purchase exhibition liability insurance, only after providing the insurance can move in the hall. For more details and purchase please contact:
Contact: He Jinghui
Tel: +86 21 63877722*203 / 13916122086
Email: scogt641235@163.com




SYMA is a construction specialist in the exhibition industry in China since 1985. They are widely spread with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Foshan (Shunde), Guangzhou and Macao. SYMA provides one-stop service, from design, project management and implementation – stand production and
fabrication to Audio & Video equipment and furniture rental.

Note: SYMA is the appointed ITB China stand construction company to reliably help you with all construction matters. If you have chosen a shell scheme package for your participation your constructions will be mandatorily taken care of by SYMA. If you have chosen a raw space option and desire an individual stand construction you are free to choose between appointing SYMA or a vendor of your choice.

Contact: Mrs. Cherry Gong(responsible person of shell scheme construction)
Tel:+86 21 6238 8811 (transfer to 112)
Email: cherry.gong@syma.com.cn

Contact: Mr. Lee Wang(responsible person of raw space construction)
Tel:+86 21/6238 8811 (transfer to 117)
Email: lee.wang@syma.com.cn

Contact: Mrs. Crystal Jiang
Tel:+86 21 6238 8811 (transfer to 136)
Email: crystal.jiang@syma.com.cn


Exhibitors who have not selected the appointed stand construction company (SYMA) need to submit their booth plans for official approval by 9 April through the ITB China Service Center. The booth plan must include the following:

  • Booth design
  • Dimensional drawings
  • Material description
  • Fire rating description
  • Electrical box display location
  • Contractor business license & electrician license

For any questions regarding booth design approval, please contact SYMA directly.


Through the ITB China Service Center, Exhibitors who would like to order additional exhibition furniture, can fill out the online rental form and upload it through the ITB China Service Center.
Raw Space exhibitors are required to reserve electrical box service. If you would like water on your booth, please apply through the ITB China Service Center.
Please note that the ordering deadline is 9 April. Delayed orders will result in additional costs.


Exhibitors with a Premium Complete Stand Package are able to place an image (Logo or picture) onto their enlarged fascia board by sending the image or picture to SYMA.
Exhibitors with a Basic Complete Stand Package will have their company’s name printed on the fascia board in English and Chinese according to the entry in the exhibitor registration.
If you intend to show a different name on the fascia board and catalog, please log in and submit the new name in the ITB China Registration System before 9 April.


Raw Space exhibitors:

  • The maximum construction height limit is 6 meters.
  • There shall not be any article hung arbitrarily within the stand. For the hanging points approved, the weight on each point shall not be greater than 150kg, and the unit structure weight shall be less than
    800kg. The hanging job must be done by professionals from the center.
  • The construction area of the first floor (ground floor) of a 2 floors’ booth shall not exceed 200 square meters.There has to be at least 2 evacuation stairs. The distance between the two evacuation stairs shall be no less than 5m. For any booth which is higher than 4.5 meters, the booth design needs to be evaluated by the appointed stand constructor. The appointed stand constructor will provide an evaluation report to the venue, together with the booth design, fire rating description reports, structural audit reports.

Please refer to “Technical Guidelines for Raw Construction” in this Exhibitor Manual for more details of specific construction regulations. All exhibitors not using the appointed booth constructor SYMA should provide “Technical Guidelines for Raw Construction” to their contractors to ensure a smooth construction.

Please refer to “Raw-Space Exhibitors Move-in Notification” in this Exhibitor Manual for details of building construction license, vehicle permit and any related move-in and dismantling.

Questions regarding to construction can be addressed to SYMA or ITB China directly.


Professional venue transportation service will be provided for you by:
DB Schenker


Schenker Deutschland AG
Contact: Sandra Wickel
Tel: +49 30 301 2995-451


Schenker China Ltd.
Contact: Mr Jing Gao
Tel: +86 21 28906226

Planning your booth - catering, hostess and others


Catering at ITB China

ITB China will prepare a public lunch area for all attendees. If you would like to offer gastronomic specialties of your region to increase the retention rate please follow the below rules:

  • No open fire is allowed on the show floor. Food can only be heated with electric devices;
  • Fresh juice and cut fruit are not allowed;
  • It is not allowed to sell food or beverages during the event;
  • Processed food requires a group meal takeaway qualification if not pre-packaged.

Working with an external food supplier requires the below documents to be sent to: contact@itb-china.com

  • Food catering services license / Food distribution license of the food supplier with vendor company chop / stamp in copy
  • Business license of the food supplier with vendor company chop / stamp in copy
  • Business license of the food supplier with vendor company chop / stamp in copy
  • A list of the food that is to be distributed at the booth
  • Booth plan with marked dining area

In the venue, you can also find the following catering services:

Name Services Contact Person Contact Infos Location Language
Shaoxing Restaurant Chinese business menu Mr. Liu +86 13761002374 Second floor Chinese
Lihua Fast Food Chinese fast food Mr. Yu +86 13916580711 North Wing Second floor Chinese
Gusto Coffee * Western simple meal, coffee and soft drinks Mrs. Zhang +86 18301778558 First floor English / Chinese

*Gusto Coffeeis the official ITB China caterer. You can contact Gusto Coffee and order food through the ITB China Service Center.


Shows, presentations and tours attract press and visitors and create opportunities for informal meetings. Events can take place between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm on your assigned booth space. All events must be registered through the ITB China Service Center until 9 April 2020. Events after opening hours need to be directly applied to the venue service center (in the middle of 1st floor) as they include an overtime fee.


As a special benefit, ITB China will provide at least one complimentary bilingual hostess for every booth. If you do not desire the complimentary bilingual hostess please inform your ITB China contact person.
If you need a professional translator, you can also order them through the ITB China Service Center.


You can find Business Centers at the west side on the first floor (ground floor) (Close to H1-2). They offer photocopying and printing, telephone, internet, computers, scanning, telephone top-up cards, laptop connections, business cards and stationaries.

Business Matching


It is our aim to assist you achieve your best performance and meet buyers that match your business profile with the PSA system. Already we have 1.050 Chinese and International buyers that are looking forward to meeting with the ITB China exhibitors. To enhance your buyers experience you are welcome to recommend prospective buyers to ITB China.

(Buyers registration deadline: February 29, 2020).

How does the Business Matching work?

Our Prescheduled Appointment System (PSA) is designed to provide you effective meetings with match made during ITB China. You will additionally be able to arrange meetings online in advance with buyers of your choice to enhance efficiency. Access to your PSA system is possible by the ITB China Service Center.

Period 1: Online Business Matching Preparation

  1. Select the Prescheduled Appointment System (PSA) after logging in to the ITB China Service Center. Mark the buyers that you would like to meet. (Expected in April 2020)
  2. The PSA system will do the pairing and arrange appropriate meetings based on preferences of exhibitors and buyers.
  3. Exhibitors receive the match made appointments which then may be fine-tuned. (Expected in May 2020).

Period 2: Meet appointed buyers during exhibition

Exhibitors will be provided with schedules before the show, containing date and time of the appointments as well as buyer’s information.
ITB China wishes you success meeting the buyers one by one at your booth.

If you have any questions, please contact us. (contact@itb-china.com)

Communication and Marketing



As part of your pre-press work for ITB China, you should make sure the daily newspapers and trade press is informed about your ITB China participation. Distribute press information to target groups long before the exhibition. Travel journalists are especially interested in early information on your planned activities at ITB China. The industrial media focus on news from companies and branches of business.


Late March: Issue press releases
Early April:

  • Plan events and conclude PR measures
  • Update your media distribution list
  • Send out invitations to media, KOLs (press conferences, events at your stand, etc.)
  • Make appointments with key journalists for ITB China
  • Prepare a press folder and reserve a digital press box
  • Make use of all the services available from the ITB China press office
  • Consider translating your press content into Chinese


Our press team will be happy to help you plan your press activities at ITB China:

Julia Sonnemann
Tel: +49 (0)30 3038 2269
E-Mail: julia.sonnemann@messe-berlin.de

Olga Kruglova
Tel: +49 (0)30 3038 2258
E-Mail: olga.kruglova@messe-berlin.de

Further information: www.itb-china.com/press


You are able to invite members of the press to your stand or to reserve a conference room at ITB China.
Please note that the press conference rooms are reserved exclusively for exhibitors and co-exhibitors taking part at ITB China.
If you are planning a press conference, check with us to ensure that the date and topic will have the highest possible impact. Your press conference can be arranged within the framework of ITB China and we will be happy to help you with the organization. We can provide assistance on setting up dates and times, arranging suitable space and technical equipment. Please contact us as early as possible regarding your plans for final arrangements of a press conference date.

E-Mail: press@itb-china.com


Make sure you have well-prepared press information packs available for journalists who attend your press conference or visit your stand. Your press pack should contain general press information about your company as well as your products and services, if possible with good quality photographs. The media are always particularly interested in a company’s business performance with statistics.
You can also book an online press box via the ITB China Service Center. Your press release will then be published on the press release subpage.

Practical Information


The experienced ITB China team is at your service. If you have further questions, need additional information or have special needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Exhibition Contact

Direct link to the ITB China Team:


Tel: +86 21 8028 6040

Booth and Sponsorship

Mr. Nikolaos Swoch
Tel: +86 21 8028 6225

Ms. Gini Zheng
Tel: +86 20 2984 0735

Mr. Christopher Marzahn
Tel: +49 30 3038 2038

Mr. Exel Fan
Tel: +86 21 8028 6044


Ms. Yoyo Lu
Tel: +86 21 8028 6040

Ms. Kay Shi
Tel: +86 21 8028 6042


Ms. Julia Sonnemann
Tel: +49 30 3038 2269

Ms. Olga Kruglova
Tel: +49 30 3038 2258


Ms. Lydia Li
Tel: +86 21 8028 6085

Ms. Flora Fang
Tel: +86 21 8028 6224

Ms. Estelle Wang
Tel: +86 21 8028 6043

Technical guidelines for raw space construction


Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center Exhibition Hall 1, Level 1
Exhibition Area 25,000 sqm
Maximum Booth Height 6 m
Maximum Booth Weight 3.5 tons/sqm
Maximum Hanging weight 150kg/point; 800kg/unit
Freight Lift Path (H x W) 2 entries 5.4m*6m ; 4 entries 4.2m*4.3m
Air-conditioning Central air conditioning
Power 6230A
  1. Evacuation passageway between stands shall not be less than 3m.
  2. Passageways and evacuation exits are at all times to be kept clear of stacked articles and barriers.
  3. All stands, exhibits, advertisement signboards and packing materials are not allowed to hinder the normal operation of automatic alarm, fire extinguishing system and equipment within the exhibition room.
  4. Barriers and obstructions within the range of 1.4m around safety entrances and exits, fire hydrants and pump adapters in the exhibition room are not allowed.
  5. The stand floor plan must be reviewed by firefighting authority before construction.


  1. The stand constructor must carry out the construction based on the floor plan as approved by the firefighting authority. Changes must be applied for on time.
  2. Design drawings of all stands constructed on Raw Space must be reviewed and stamped by a professional design entity with relevant qualification and the organizer. The center has the right to forbid the construction of non-approved constructions within the center. Booth building design drawings include stand design floor plan, stand design structural drawing and stand design image.
  3. Booth structures must be secure and reliable. Display racks, display boards, panels, carpets, materials individual stand construction, and stage building materials must be of incombustible or nonflammable material (no less than B1 grade). Combustible materials must undergo fireproof treatment to reach the required level of fire resistance before being used. Construction and decoration materials must not be made out of inflammable cystosepiment, elastic fabric, wood-based panel and plastic sheet using made by means of petrochemical engineering without fire-proof treatment.
  4. The maximum stand height in the hall is 6m.
  5. The construction area of the first floor of a 2 floors’ booth shall not exceed 200 square meters. There have to be at least 2 evacuation stairs. The straight-line distance between the two evacuation stairs shall be no less than 5m. For any booth which is higher than 4.5 meters, the booth design needs to be evaluated by the appointed stand constructor. The appointed stand constructor will provide an evaluation report to the venue, together with the booth design, fire rating description reports, structural audit reports.
  6. When the building area of a fully enclosed stand area is greater than 160 m² and the stand layout affects the use of the original automatic firefighting facilities in the exhibition room, an automatic fire alarm system and sprinkler system must be installed.
  7. If the building area of the fully enclosed display area or semi-enclosed display area is greater than 120 m², the number of evacuation doors shall not be less than two, each with a minimum width of 0.9 m.
  8. No combustibles are allowed to be stored on the stand.
  9. There shall not be any article hung arbitrarily within the stand. For the hanging points approved, the weight on each point shall not be greater than 150 kg, and the unit structure weight shall be less than 800 kg. The hanging job must be done by professionals from the center.
  10. For machines with large weight in the center, a ground supporting plate must be used before the installation.
  11. Machinery exhibits such as internal combustion locomotives, automobiles, tractors and various gasoline and diesel engines must be displayed outdoor, and the fuel in the fuel tank shall be lower than 10 % of the full capacity. For indoor exhibition, no operation and maintenance are allowed, there must be no fuel within the fuel tank and the battery must be disconnected.
  12. During the setup period of an exhibition, no entity shall occupy firefighting passageways and public areas or stack articles within them. After the setup and move-out, all equipment must be removed; otherwise, corresponding punishment will be imposed. Temporary stacked goods must be secure and not be able to roll or topple over.
  13. When laying the carpet, only easy removable double-faced adhesive tape made of cloth is allowed to be used. Tape made of sandwich rubber and other materials difficult to be removed is not allowed to be used.
  14. Open flames and welding within the center are strictly forbidden.
  15. Painting and spray painting are not allowed within the center.
  16. It is strictly forbidden to connect water and gas devices directly to pipelines of the center. A valve must set between the pipeline and water or gas device.
  17. Any electrical, mechanical and chemical item that is considered as dangerous will be banned.
  18. It is strictly forbidden to pour waste liquids into sewers and bathroom sinks. Waste liquids must be poured into sealed containers prepared by the exhibitor.
  19. It is strictly forbidden to obtain water from the bathroom. All water used for the setup must be obtained from water basins designated by the center.
  20. All construction staff entering into the center must wear a safety helmet, and a safety belt is needed for construction work from 2m and above.
  21. It is strictly forbidden to use a herringbone ladder larger than 3m. A ladder with a locking spreader bar can be used to ensure safety. Otherwise, the center has the right to refuse entry.
  22. During the exhibition, it is strictly forbidden to carry dangerous chemicals, solvents, paints and inflammable and explosive articles into the Center.
  23. It is strictly forbidden to use pressure equipment in the exhibition room.
  24. All inflammable and explosive exhibits must be replaced by models.
  25. Without the permission of the center, equipment such as air compressors are not allowed to be carried into the center or to be used during the setup.
  26. During the whole rental period of the center, the buildings, structures, facilities as well as equipment and accessories must be kept clean and intact. They are not allowed to be leaned against nor moved or altered without approval. It is strictly forbidden to punch, use nails or apply glue to any terrace, wall surface and other parts of the center.
  27. Entities and persons using the center’s facilities are admonished to strictly observe the above-mentioned regulations. If any of the center’s buildings, facilities, equipment, and accessories are damaged or polluted due to irregularities or use of illegal items, the center’s managing party will require the infringing party to make corresponding compensation payment.


  1. The installation of electrical circuits and electrical equipment can only be performed by persons carrying a valid electrician certificate. All operations must be in line with the relevant electrical code of the state. The constructor carries all responsibilities and consequences.
  2. The electrical distribution box used by a stand must be placed within the cable pipe trench of the center or within the stand (cover plate of the trench shall not be opened arbitrarily). A distribution box is strictly forbidden to be placed at conspicuous places of aisles, passageways and stands. Hidden electrical circuits must be protected with a metal pipe or fire-retardant PVC pipe. Lighting must be constructed at a safe distance (at least 0,5m) to combustible materials.
  3. Electrical circuits must be with branch switches, and when passing through aisles, cables must be protected with a protection plate.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to place inflammable articles and water dispenser around a distribution box.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to employ fixed electricity box facilities of the center arbitrarily.
  6. All electrical circuits’ capacity distribution shall be balanced. Overuse of electricity is strictly prohibited. All circuits shall be elevated or be laid with effective protection measures, and their load equipment shall be with good grounding device.
  7. All electric wires laid shall be with insulating sheath and national safety standards. For joints, insulation porcelain and plastic joints must be used, not insulating tape. Except for the light fixture wire colored thread shall not be used.
  8. During the construction period, all cables and connecting equipment and the temporary electric box must meet national safety standards.
  9. A lighting fixture must be installed at a distance of at least 50cm to a combustible article. The ballast of lighting fixtures like a fluorescent lamp and high-pressure mercury lamp shall not be installed on a combustible article and inflammable article.
  10. For an installation of enclosed light box, there should be an air vent for sufficient ventilation.
  11. Important parts of electrical circuit and light box of a wood structure stand must be treated with fire retardant coating of level 3 and above.
  12. Electrical equipment likely to produce heat and high-temperature lamps is not to be used unless being approved by the venue. No combustible and inflammable articles within a range of 1m are allowed around high-temperature lamps.
  13. All outdoor lighting equipment shall be with damp-proof measures.
  14. It is strictly forbidden to use an exposed iodine-tungsten lamp, halogen tungsten lamp or neon light within the center.
  15. All entities and persons using the center’s facilities shall strictly observe the above procedure, and for any irregularity, the managing party of the center reserves the right to adopt corresponding measures (such as cutting power supply, etc.)


  1. No vehicle is allowed to enter the center without permission.
  2. The height of any vehicle permitted to enter the center shall not be higher than 4m, and the driving speed shall not exceed 5km/hour.
  3. Forklift operation must be in strict accordance with forklift safe operation rules. A forklift be driven by a person qualified in training and the driving speed shall not exceed 5km/hour. For forklifts and cranes, the annual inspection report and work permit copy shall be put on records.


  1. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the center.
  2. No cooking is allowed in the center, and external meals are not allowed to be brought into the center.
  3. Without the permission of the Center, all furniture, flowers and plants, facilities and equipment that can be provided by the Center must not be brought by the exhibitor and the constructor.
  4. The Center reserves the right of final interpretation to above rules.

Raw space exhibitors move in notification

Please follow the following steps for move-in at the venue of ITB China during the construction period

Schedule Date Time Entrance Activities
Move-in 11 – 12 May, 2020 8:30 – 22:30 H1-1, H1-8~H1-12 Building
Exhibition Period 13 – 15 May, 2020 9:30 – 17:00 H1-1, H1-2 17:00 Site cleaning
17:30 Close
Move-out 15 May, 2020 17:00- 22:30 H1-1, H1-8~H1-12 17:00 Power off
18:00 Workers allowed


Individual booth fitting contractors must complete their work according to the listed schedule. Overtime work after 22:30pm may not be permitted, and if permission is sought and granted by the Organizers, the contractor must apply and pay the required overtime charges 3 hours before the overtime work to the venue service center in the middle of 1st floor.
– 22:30 pm – Next day 8:30 RMB 2.200 per 1.000sqm/hour
– Minimum 1-hour charge and minimum 1000sqm as a unit.
– The price of late application is raised by 30%.

  1. Registration:

    On 11 – 12 May 2020 08:30-17:30
    Pay the deposit at the Appointed Contractor (SYMA) Counter. (Located at the Lobby of Hall 1)
    RMB5000/<100sqm, RMB10000>=100sqm
    Raw space management fee:30RMB/sqm
    (Note: Exhibitors wanting to register on the 10th of May, please go directly to the Pass Registration Center in the South Square)

    Collect the constructors badge and vehicle passes at the Pass Registration Center (South Square)

    Move in the Exhibition Hall

  2. The pass registration center for the contractor badge and vehicle pass is in South Square. (mark in the following route map)
    Please check the below links for the process in detail and documents that need to be submitted:
    *Construction directors of all construction and carrier contractors need to go through real-name authentication procedures at Certificate Issuing Center prior to receiving the exhibition setup Construction certificate:
    Vehicle certificate:
  3. The official constructor SYMA will license the goods (furniture and plants) with “Goods Entry Form” and “Booth Rendering”.
  4. Please bring and provide QR code, business card and booth confirmation letter to collect exhibitor badges on the registration counter.
  5. After the electrical installation of the booth is completed, the exhibitor and the appointed contractor should conduct a self-inspection before electricity is supplied. Electricity will be provided from May 12th 11:00 am. The venue electrician will inspect and send adjustment notice at 10:00 am. Electricity will be supplied after inspection and approval of the venue electrician.
  6. All exhibitors must strictly observe the fire safety regulations. Construction and decoration materials including carpets must be non-flammable or fire retardant (Fireproof grade B1 or above). Wooden stands and timber surfaces of booth stands must be non-flammable therefore, flammable stretch fabric, stretch fabric and nylon fabrics are strictly prohibited. Wooden structures must be painted with fire retardant coating.
  7. All constructing workers must wear safety helmets and have their construction pass.
  8. All constructors must have copies of their business license and a legal ID identification, in case of a Fire Department check.
  9. All raw space booths must have a shunt and grounding switch. A Standard booth and raw space booth are not able to share the same electricity box.
  10. After dismantling, exhibitors and the appointed contractors must clear all booth items and take them out of the venue, including booth rubbish and construction materials. After raw space inspection and confirmation by the venue, the contractor can get the paid deposit back at the official contractor counter in the lobby of Hall 1. The deposit will be refunded to the contractor by cash. The venue staff start inspection at 19:00 pm.
  11. The venue provides a dismantling and cleaning service in the North Square’s garbage cleaning office. The application shall not be later than 1 day before the move-out day. Later applications will be double charged.
  12. Please refer to “Technical Guidelines for Raw-Stand Construction” in this exhibitor manual. The Exhibitor and its self-selected contractor are fully responsible for construction liabilities.
  13. Please check the following map to arrange the vehicle’s route:
    Please pay attention: This map is the reference from 2019. For the 2020 version please pay attention to the next update.
    Map Route